Starting the New Year off Right for your Weight Loss Journey

Written by Marla Gootee. Posted in Blog

The new year is just right around the corner, and a lot of us have probably decided that our New Year’s Resolution will be to lose weight and eventually achieve the body we’ve always wanted while improving our health at the same time.

There’s a lucky few of us who maintain this resolution throughout the new year and are fortunate enough to see results. However, for most people, the shedding of excess pounds may not come as easy. With temptations constantly surrounding us and work or school schedules becoming overwhelming and consuming most of our time, the initial goal of weight loss seems to get more and more unrealistic.

A problem that I have experienced myself in the past when setting a goal to lose weight as my New Year’s Resolution, is a lack of motivation and the frustration that accompanies when I don’t see results at the pace I would like. I feel as though my new diet and exercise regime is going well initially, and there’s no way I can’t be losing a significant amount of weight. But when I observe the number on the scale, I’m quickly disappointed.  

I think this is a common problem amongst people who desire to lose weight and become healthy. As soon as they notice that they are not losing weight quickly or seeing results right away, they no longer see the point in maintaining a healthy diet along with exercising. Many expect the process to happen overnight and fail to realize that the journey to losing weight is a long one that requires a lot of dedication. Some may even experience plateaus throughout their weight loss journey where their weight doesn’t seem to shift in the direction they’d prefer, and this can become quite discouraging.

It’s important to note that when losing weight, serious commitments must be made in one’s life. These can include basic changes such as making sure that we are purchasing and consuming the right foods along with controlling portions, designating certain times of the day to exercise or being physically active whether it be training at the gym or just going for a brisk walk in the park. We must be aware that even though these new changes in our lives may not bring desired results immediately, we should still strive to maintain them to achieve noticeable results. Not all results may be conveyed through our physical appearance either. One may notice a change in energy. endurance or strength before they see the weight come off.

Since we are discussing the topic of weight loss, and I’ve hopefully sparked your interest in starting a new, healthy lifestyle for 2018, Fairwood Health & Body Transition located on Monroe St. in Toledo is now offering multiple procedures to patients to help them achieve the bodies and overall health that they’ve always wanted. Potential clients may be interested in their five-week program which helps individuals lose between 15 and 20 pounds, their 12-week program where 30-50 pounds can be shed along with a maintenance program that helps them maintain the healthy lifestyle habits they’ve learned while participating in the program(s). At Fairwood, clients are also offered hormone-balancing nutrients to boost their energy levels along with whole-body vibration, infrared sauna, and detox body wraps.

 With facilities like Fairwood opening their doors to those struggling to obtain a healthier lifestyle, I feel as though many will remain committed to losing weight especially with all the support offered by professionals who specialize in weight loss.  They want to see you lose the pounds and help you keep them off. Many people give up on losing weight simply because they do not have the self-motivation or others cheering them on from the sidelines. With Fairwood Health & Body Transition, they want to see you succeed and offer treatments that will greatly aid in your weight loss journey. 

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