New Year, New Chin!

Written by Marla. Posted in Blog

The holidays are quickly approaching, and many of us are probably shopping all over town searching high and low for the perfect gifts for family and friends. With the stress of making sure everyone is gifted well along with the coordination of Christmas outings and get-togethers, why not reward yourself this year with a cosmetic procedure?

Now that winter has arrived, it’s the perfect time to have a cosmetic enhancement done. I think that receiving a treatment during this time of the year is ideal because it allows you to heal up in time for the warmer months when you can better show off your results. The healing processes for some procedures can take up to several months to heal so why not consider having one done now so you’re all set for the beach and your new swimsuit this upcoming summer?

                An area on my face that I, and I’m sure many others struggle with, would be my chin. This area is stubborn in general when trying to make look picture-ready for holiday photos or visiting with family/ friends. That’s why I’m glad that an array of procedures are offered to fix these types of imperfections.

                Instead of turning to cosmetics or clothing that hide the imperfections of our chins, Luxe Laser in Maumee, OH is presenting clients with different options as to what they can have done to eliminate any self-consciousness they may have regarding their chin area.

                If you aren’t too keen about invasive surgeries, then CoolSculpting would be an excellent option. Since I’m not very familiar with invasive procedures and may be hesitant to have these treatments done right away, I think that CoolSculpting would be the best way to go since it requires the least downtime and can be repeated over time if needed. I also think it would be the best option to ease someone into having procedures done in the chin area especially if it is their first time, and it’s the least intimidating out of all the treatments offered.   

                If I was looking for more noticeable results or results that catered more to my desired look, I’d consider receiving either the Kybella treatment or Smart Lipo. Kybella would be the chin-treatment I’d have done if I were seeking a modest difference in the appearance of my chin while Smart Lipo would be quintessential for a more dramatic result with just a single treatment. Smart Lipo also possesses the capability of tightening loose skin as well which is also a plus!

                Overall, I think that having a chin-treatment done this holiday season would be the perfect gift either for oneself or a loved one. I believe that the results from these procedures have such positive effects on clients and make the process of receiving cosmetic enhancements hassle free. What’s not to love?

Elizabeth Scott