A New Resource in Toledo for a Healthier Lifestyle!

Written by Marla. Posted in Blog

We are approaching the end of January, and many of us are either sticking to our resolutions and adopting a healthier lifestyle or succumbing to temptations that may lead to a not so healthy one. Gym memberships are being created (or used again), refrigerators and pantries are being stocked with healthier food options and overall healthier habits are being utilized in order to improve one's health.

However, not everyone is able to hop on the healthy bandwagon at first, and I believe that something many struggle with when it comes to their fitness or regular attendance/utilization of a gym membership is intimidation. I know that whenever I seek to get a gym membership or attend the gym provided for me to use on campus, I easily am intimidated by the abundance of people who are already well-versed in fitness/health and know what they're doing. It's also intimidating due to the fact that not every gym provides you with someone who genuinely cares about improving your health and ensuring that you leave their facility both confident and healthier after every workout.

Go M.A.D Fitness is a new locally owned and operated fitness club that has made its way to the Toledo area. Owner, Jason Reinhardt has worked within the fitness world for over 20 years. Not to mention, he's worked for different chains throughout the country. In other words, he know's what he's doing!

After reading more about this facility, I find myself eager to schedule a tour with the fitness club because it seems like a very friendly atmosphere where the staff's goal is to make sure that a positive difference is made in regards to your health. I also found it very neat and beneficial that the club offers every member one hour long workout session with one of their professionals in order to help individuals learn more and better prepare themselves for future workouts on their own.

Another feature that I found great and convenient about Go M.A.D Fitness is that it's open 24/7! Many struggle with or lack commitment to a daily workout because they don't think their schedule will ever be able to accommodate it with work, school, children, etc. However, with this feature, someone with the busiest schedule can find the time in their day to pay a visit to the gym. The facility also has a daycare center which allows parents to focus on their health while ensuring that their children are safe during their workouts.

Other amenities included within this fitness club are a variety of machines specified for both cardio and weightlifting, over 50 group fitness classes that are free with a membership plan, full-service locker rooms with private showers and saunas along with a free smoothie bar and wifi!

The variety of fitness group classes that are offered at this facility definitely appeals to me because I think it's important to incorporate different types of workouts into your schedule so that you don't get too bored of the repetitiveness and find yourself tempted to quit. The classes offered include yoga, ZUMBA and indoor cycling so there's always something fun and new to try.

Overall, I think that with more facilities like Go M.A.D Fitness appearing in the Toledo area that offer individuals an array of different workouts and a supportive staff is essential to improving the overall health of residents. It's important that those who may lack confidence when it comes to their health or are unsure of how to adopt a healthier lifestyle are constantly reassured and encouraged to try new things, and Go M.A.D Fitness is an excellent resource that is doing just that.