Ensuring your Pregnancy Goes as Smooth as Possible

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A serious topic that should be discussed amongst women (especially those who are expecting) is the importance of planning both a smooth and healthy pregnancy. Dealing with pregnancy can be a very stressful time for expecting parents, but with the right amount of preparation and education, pregnancies can run smoother than you think.

It’s essential to know that women must start or maintain a healthy regime when it comes to their bodies well before they experience pregnancy. Women who possess a healthier lifestyle tend to have an easier time handling the effects of being pregnant, and not only does the mother benefit from this type of preparation, but so does their baby.

So you’re probably wondering, “What should I do in order to better prepare for becoming pregnant and delivering a healthy baby?”. Well, I think the first step should be evaluating your current health status. Are you eating the right foods and obtaining essential nutrients for both yourself and a growing baby? What about exercise? Exercise is also a crucial part of being pregnant and ensures that you are keeping both you and your baby active. Many might find it unnecessary or even dangerous to be exercising regularly while pregnant, but this depends on the physical activity and what your doctor recommends. In other words, exercising or participating in regular physical activity is highly suggested for pregnant women and presents many benefits.

There are other aspects of one’s health that should be taken into consideration before conceiving and becoming pregnant, especially bad habits that one may have. These habits can vary from excessive smoking/ drinking or the risks that develop from being overweight.

Promedica obstetrician/gynecologist Brittany Denny, DO, advises women to also work with their doctors to help stabilize any chronic conditions they may have such as high blood pressure, diabetes or hypothyroidism; all of which pose as risks to women during their pregnancy.

Something I also found interesting while reading this article featuring Dr. Denny, was that pregnancies should be spaced no less than 18 months apart. When pregnancies are planned closer together than this, this increases certain risks,

I also was unaware of the different vaccinations that pregnant women should avoid which include: papillomavirus (HPV), measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) along with chickenpox (varicella). Vaccinations that are safe to receive while pregnant are ones for influenza, tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (Tdap).

Another factor that is key to maintaining good health for both soon to be mothers and their babies is that men are also paying attention to their health habits. Smoking can have incredibly harmful effects on expecting mothers and babies after they've been born. No matter what measure is taken to prevent smoke from getting to babies, harmful chemicals can still linger and do serious damage to their health. Also, by eliminating this habit along with excessive drinking, men can increase their likelihood of conceiving.

Overall, I think it’s incredibly imperative that women try their best to maintain a healthy lifestyle both before and during their pregnancy.That means consuming healthier foods, having a consistent workout schedule along with avoiding hazards like drinking and smoking. It’s also crucial to continuously work with your doctor in order to help things run even more smoothly. By making each of these healthier accommodations both well before and during pregnancy, women are avoiding risks that could damage both their and their baby’s health.

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