Red Cross Month

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In 1943, Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed March Red Cross Month to honor the Red Cross mission.

To celebrate this year’s Red Cross Month, Healthy Living News is honoring the everyday heroes at the American Red Cross of Northwest Ohio! The NWO Red Cross brings help and hope to those in need every 19 hours thanks to those who donate and volunteer.


Last year alone, our local Red Cross locations assisted 601 families during disaster; trained 12,101 people in health, safety, and preparedness; provided 1,156 services to military personnel and their families, and collected 62,572 blood units for life-saving transfusions.

The Red Cross strives not only to help those in need during a disaster, but also to prepare people in case a disaster happens. They accomplish this through health and safety training, preparedness education, and mobile apps that provide important information to stay safe.

Last year, more than 8,000 people in our area downloaded these apps — which include a First Aid App, Tornado App, Earthquake App, Wildfire App, Hurricane App, Team Red Cross: Volunteer App, Shelter Finder App, Swim App, Pet First Aid App, and Flood App — which was released earlier this month.

The Red Cross wouldn’t be able to provide these important services without volunteers and donations from people like you. If you would like to volunteer or donate funds, just follow the links provided.

To see what training classes are available in your area, visit You also can check out what the NWO Red Cross has to say about Red Cross Month here in their blog!

Big thank you to Amanda Aldrich at the NWO Red Cross who helped me with this blog after reaching out to @RedCrossNWO over Twitter!

Happy Red Cross Month and stay safe, active, and healthy!



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