Why Have 5Ks Become so Popular?

Written by Miranda Hassen. Posted in Blog

‘Tis the season for 5K walks. Throughout the months of September and October, there will be several 5K running/walking fundraisers. Initially, they started off as short distance running competitions, but many organizations use them as motivation to raise money and bring awareness for various diseases, disorders, and cancers.


Just recently, I volunteered at a walk raising awareness for Dravet’s Syndrome at Swan Creek Preserve Metropark in Toledo. Before August, I had never heard of Dravet’s. In simple words, it’s a rare form of epilepsy that affects young children. It was heart-warming to see a single family run their walk entirely by themselves, and have apparently been doing it for a few years now. It’s not easy organizing an event; it definitely takes a lot of teamwork.

On October 5, I will also participate in a 5K for multiple sclerosis. The money raised will go to The MS Society. It will take place on The University of Toledo’s campus. It has been hosted by one of the university’s fraternities for the past five years. Each year, more and more people donate money and join the run.

There is also one of the most well known 5Ks raising money for breast cancer, Race for the Cure. It’s an annual fundraiser ran by The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. It’s one of the most successful cancer organizations in the United States. Race for the Cures take place through the entire country. There will be one in downtown Toledo on September 28.

Why are all of these organizations choosing to use annual walks and 5Ks to raise awareness? For one, they are lots of fun! September and October are two months out of the year that have the best weather to enjoy the outdoors before the winter conditions settle in. Children can have fun playing in the park, and get some fresh air. Parents can participate in auctions and raffles and win a prize. Plus, there are lots of people that like the exercise, even if they prefer walking instead of running.

There is no doubt that 5Ks serve their purpose. They have become very popular because they are all for a good cause for various cancers and other illnesses. People like to get involved, and 5Ks are a great way to do so!