Life after diagnosis

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As some of my readers may now, I work not only for Healthy Living News but for The University of Toledo as well.

I’m a writer for UT News, and in that job I have met some of the most extraordinary people. One woman that I met recently is a woman I think our readers should know about.

Corey Smith was just 26 years old when she was diagnosed with stage-four melanoma. But even in the worst circumstances, this woman was so incredibly optimistic. It was inspiring to me, and I think it would be inspiring to you too. You can read her story here.

For those of you who didn’t know, June is cancer survivorship month. Though the month is over now, the message is the same. There is life beyond diagnosis.

When you read Corey’s story, you see a woman who is not only determined to fight cancer, but to live her life while doing so — especially when it comes to spending time with her kids.

Another article in our June issue talks about survivorship and life after diagnosis, and I suggest you read that as well. One thing this article touches on is the importance of early detection.

Though many may not know, our community has a strong focus on early detection. This Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the Rite Aid at 105 Golden Glate Plaza in Maumee is offering free skin cancer screenings with dermatologist Dr. Matthew Molenda. The University of Toledo Medical Center soon will be offering lung cancer screenings at little cost to its patients as well.

Being diagnosed with cancer can be a very scary thing. But early diagnosis, being positive, and having a supportive community like ours can make a huge difference when it comes to being treated. No matter who you are, what cancer you have, or what stage you have, you are not alone.

Be sure to check out our July issue, which debuts tomorrow!

Keep Your Swimmers Safe this Summer

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‘Tis the season for swimming — pools are opening up in the area and lakes are beginning to warm up.

Although swimming is a fun and healthy activity for many children (and adults!) it also comes with some danger. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about ten people die every day from unintentional drowning — many of which are children.

As grim as these statistics are, with proper education and preparation, you can make sure the swimmers in your life enjoy their summer in a safe way.

The YMCA and JCC of Greater Toledo provided HLN with a few tips to stay safe while swimming, and they also offer summer programs to teach kids how to swim and be safe around water. The Y is offering its annual Splash program June 16-20 in eight different locations. It’s free and open to children six months old to 12 years old. It’ll be followed by a Splash after-party!

The Y also offers year-round swimming lessons to people of all ages. Learning to swim is one of the first steps to avoiding drowning situations, so I encourage all to take advantage of these classes.

Another swimming hazard many are unaware of is secondary drowning, which happens when someone inhales a small amount of water and later drowns, even if they’re nowhere near water. The fluid they inhale acts as an irritant in the lungs, causing them to create their own fluids, called pulmonary edema. A person can drown in their own bodily fluids if they are unaware of what is happening.

If you or your child inhales a small amount of water, it’s important to know the warning signs of secondary drowning. These include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Behavioral changes


If you or our child exhibit any of these symptoms after being around water, visit the emergency room. It could save your life!

I Love My Zoo!

Written by Sam Watson. Posted in Blog

As some of you may know, the Toledo Zoo was named “best in the U.S.” in a contest by USA Today and 10Best.

Out of 20 nominees, our zoo won by a significant margin thanks to our supportive community. Other top zoos from Ohio included the Cincinnati Zoo, coming in third, and the Columbus Zoo, coming in fifth.

I’ve been to our zoo a handful of times, and there’s always something new to see and do. I had no doubt we had the best zoo in the United States and here are a few reasons why:

The Toledo Zoo has 9,000 animals representing 800 different species, and that number grows every day. It’s one of the most complete zoos in the world. From the butterfly house to the hippo exhibit, there are animals for every type to see and enjoy.

The Zoo also has more than just animals to look at! In the winter, the zoo is usually just as packed for its Lights Before Christmas. They also have wine tastings, a Museum of Science, bridal shows, and more.

Another perk is that the Zoo always has something new to do! They just opened Penguin Beach, Flamingo Key, and ‘Keet Retreat exhibits to celebrate different types of winged animals. On Friday, June 6 they’ll be hosting a Beach Party Wine Tasting and on Saturday, June 7 they’ll be celebrating Lucas the Elephant Calf’s third birthday. And these are only a few things on the schedule — the summer is just getting started!

Having only lived in Toledo for four years, the zoo was one of the first things I ever did in the area. Now it’s one of a handful of things I love about Toledo, and a place I like to visit as often as I can. I think they deserved this award, and it’s safe to say Toledo loves their zoo!


For more information about the zoo and what events are coming up, visit To see the full list of top 10 zoos, visit

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