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Team Thunder: Hope and healing on tiny hooves

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in June

“Oh, my goodness, there’s a horse in my bedroom!”

That’s a sentence no one ever expects to hear—let alone utter—but one that’s quite familiar to the volunteers of Team Thunder. This group of mini therapy horses and their human handlers from Serenity Farm Equestrian Center in Luckey, Ohio brings unique therapeutic, educational, and inspirational experiences to people in skilled-nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, rehab centers, hospices, memory-care units, special education classrooms, libraries, and various other facilities across Northwest Ohio.


The greatest challenge

Written by by Mark S. Faber, USPTA Elite Professional. Posted in June

As a coach today, there are many great challenges. However, one the “Greatest Challenges” is probably the evolution of technology, especially social media. At a USTA Leadership meeting I attended in January, USTA General Manager of Community and Youth Tennis Craig Morris held up an iPhone and said, “The youth of today will know nothing more than this item. It is their book, their music, their computer, their TV, and their means of communication.” Now this is both good and bad, correct? It is also what makes it the “Greatest Challenge” as a coach.


Sports physicals help young athletes practice and compete safely

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in July

Involvement in sports provides a host of benefits to kids—not only in the form of healthy exercise, but also important life lessons and social skills that will help shape them into productive, well-adjusted adults. However, sports at any level can be rigorous, so before they get in the game, kids need to undergo a physical examination to evaluate whether they can meet the demands of practice and play as well as whether they have any pre-existing conditions or illnesses that might put them at risk when they participate.


Single parents, follow these steps to help protect your children

Written by by Scott D. Brown. Posted in July

As a parent, your primary concern is the well-being of your children, both in the present and future. When planning for the eventual distribution of your estate to benefit your children while also minimizing estate taxes, it’s important to recognize that some of the benefits afforded to married couples will not apply to single individuals. So, what aspects of estate planning might require additional attention on your part?


Is there a secret to development?

Written by by Mark S. Faber, USPTA Elite Professional. Posted in July

Parents look to coaches to assist in the development of their child, whatever the point of focus may be. It seems today that people are hiring coaches in the worlds of academics, athletics, and music. All of this is being done to help their child develop and reach their full potential. What I would like to share this month are a few tips for parents of younger athletes as they start their athletic developmental journey:


Is water the beverage of choice for your kids?

Written by by Cindy Pisano, LSW. Posted in July

When it comes to keeping kids hydrated, particularly those who play sports, you can’t go wrong with water. It hydrates, helps regulate body temperature, is a good source of fluoride for healthy teeth, and helps prevent urinary tract infections and constipation.

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