Parents: make your home a burn-free zone

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in January

Youngsters tend to explore their world through touch, which can put them in contact with dangerously hot surfaces. Many parents have learned the hard way that a young child’s impulse to explore combined with relaxed parental vigilance can lead to a painful, or even life-threatening, burn.


Blending: a key to youth sport development (part 2)

Written by by Mark S. Faber, USPTA Elite Professional. Posted in January

Last month I started a three-part series on youth sport development based on three questions that tend to pop up daily in the world of youth sports. Once again, here are the three questions that are being discussed in this series:

  1. How should we decide what level of competition/practice is appropriate for a child?
  2. Should a child play and focus on only one sport?
  3. How much time should a child spend playing to achieve his or her goals?
University of Toledo Medical Center