Blending: a key to youth sport development (Part 3)

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in February

Two months ago, I started a three-part series on youth sport development based on three questions that tend to pop up daily in the world of youth sports. Once again, here are the three questions that are being discussed in this series:

1. How should we decide what level of competition/practice is appropriate for a child?

2. Should a child play and focus on only one sport?

3. How much time should a child spend playing to achieve his or her goals?

Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund provides path to hope through quality education

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in February

Most parents strive to give their kids the best possible start in life, including a quality education that provides a solid foundation for success. Evaluating all the available options, many decide that private schools offer the greatest opportunity for kids to build their future and reach their fullest potential. However, not all families in our community can afford the tuition and other expenses associated with a private-school education. That’s where the Northwest Ohio Scholarship Fund comes in.

Catholic education | Values received, excellence achieved

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in February

It seems as though two distinct and divergent sets of values are emerging in our society. One set seems to promote egocentrism, entitlement, moral relativism, instant gratification, and self-aggrandizement while the other embraces concepts such as faith, compassion, self-discipline, determination, accountability, and respect and empathy for others.