Eating Well | Wake up and smell the health benefits of coffee

Written by by Laurie Syring, RD/LD. Posted in January

It’s no secret that coffee is brewing big sales, with the coffeehouse becoming the trendy new place for meetings, dates, working, and socializing. In the United States, this coffee-brewing boom is driven largely by one particular population: Millennials. That’s right, this oft-maligned demographic born roughly between the years of 1982 and 2004 (the generational demarcation is imprecise) consumes 44% of the coffee in our nation.


Elizabeth Scott employee shares winning dessert recipe

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in January

This holiday season, if you are looking to make a different type of holiday treat for family and friends, why not try a lemon tart? Brigitte Radabaugh, RN, a long-time staff member at the Elizabeth Scott Community in Maumee, won the company’s annual pie-baking contest with a lemon tart recipe. Radabaugh is the Elizabeth Scott Community’s Health Services Coordinator for Independent Living and Assisted Living Level I.