The 4 most popular “cosmetic season” procedures

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in April

Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center observes that late winter through early spring is always the busiest time of year for his office. In fact, in his field, there’s even a name for this period that reflects the burgeoning interest in procedures that help clients look and feel their best—“cosmetic season.”


Why so many clients seek cosmetic enhancements at this particular time is no great mystery. According to Dr. Banker, several factors combine to generate this demand. He explains, “One reason is that tax refunds are starting to hit mailboxes and some clients opt to use that windfall to do something for themselves. Another is that the holidays are behind us and it’s still cold enough that we’re all covered up with long-sleeve shirts and coats, so no one has to know they’ve undergone a cosmetic procedure until they’re ready to let the results speak for themselves. Also, some people are just starting to get a little anxious because they realize bathing suit season is only a few months away now.”

Dr. Banker notes that several cosmetic procedures are especially popular at this time of year. They include:

Breast augmentation

The most sought-after procedure during cosmetic season is breast augmentation—especially state-of-the-art Awake Breast Augmentation, a safer, very affordable alternative to traditional augmentation that is offered locally only at Luxe Laser. When performed at this time of year—when many people have spring break or vacation and we’re all still covered up with cold-season clothing—there’s plenty of time to recover completely and discretely before summer returns.

Fat removal

For many of the same reasons, fat-removal procedures, such as Smart Lipo, Coolsculpting, and chin treatments, are especially popular during cosmetic season. Dr. Banker states, “Many clients seek fat removal at this time of year because they’ve followed through on their New Year’s resolutions or physical-fitness goals and now, having done their part, they’d like us to clean up what nature can’t.”

Vein treatments

With shorts and bathing suit season right around the corner, procedures for treating those spider veins or bulging, twisting varicose veins are also very popular. At Luxe Laser, these conditions are treated quickly and effectively using the most advanced technology available with minimal pain and no downtime.

Dr. Banker reminds HLN readers that, while spider and varicose veins are commonly considered cosmetic issues, they can also signal an underlying vascular problem—so having them evaluated and treated is important from a medical standpoint as well.


Injectables, such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, and Volbella, are highly popular year round but especially sought after at this time of year for reducing folds, wrinkles, and lines on the face or adding volume and contour to the lips. “These products can help us correct some of these minor flaws, and they yield results lasting from three months to two years depending on which is used,” says Dr. Banker.

To help meet the high demand for procedures, Luxe Laser offers extended hours during cosmetic season. “We’ll do our best to get you in for your procedure in the shortest time possible so you can get the results you want in time for summer,” assures Dr. Banker.❦

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