Feel younger than your years with hormone replacement therapy

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in August

Though hormone replacement therapy is sought year-round by men and women who want to boost their energy level and feel younger than their years, this treatment is surprisingly popular in summertime. Dr. Wade Banker—who provides hormone replacement therapy at Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center in Maumee—offers a possible explanation for this phenomenon:


“Lack of energy is a very common symptom of low testosterone, which is the hormone imbalance we’re usually correcting with this form of therapy. In summer, when days are longer and people are more active, this symptom can become more evident and problematic because it interferes with their lifestyle.”

According to Dr. Banker, another reason people may be more inclined to seek hormone replacement therapy in summer is that it’s bathing suit season—when everyone feels much more self-conscious about excess body weight or poor muscle tone. Though these issues are commonly related to lifestyle, in some cases the underlying cause is a natural decline in the testosterone level, which can cause weight gain or prevent weight loss as well as limit the body’s ability to put on and maintain muscle despite exercise and healthy diet. When this imbalance is corrected, many patients finally begin to see the results they expect from their efforts.

Yet another reason people often cite for choosing hormone replacement is reduced sex drive. “Again, this isn’t strictly a seasonal issue, but with increased activity in summer, people with low testosterone feel more energy-deficient in general, which extends to the sex drive. This can be remedied easily with an appropriate hormone replacement regimen,” says Dr. Banker.

What exactly is hormone replacement therapy and how is it performed? Hormone replacement is the process of restoring the body’s prior level of testosterone so the individual can once again enjoy a high degree of energy and drive—essentially reversing the natural, linear decline in testosterone that begins around age 30 for both men and women so they feel years younger than their actual age.

And, yes, contrary to popular misconception, both men and women benefit similarly from correcting deficient testosterone levels. In fact, testosterone is the building block for all other hormones, including estrogen, so women need it too. Men, however, require much more testosterone than women, so their dosing is 10 to 20 times higher than that of women.

Dr. Banker explains that there are three different methods for supplementing testosterone—topical creams, liquid injections, and continual-release pellets. “We advise against topical creams because they yield poor results and cause irritation at the application site,” he says. “Liquid injections are somewhat effective, but they must be administered every few days and create an up-and-down cycle in the testosterone level that is unhealthy and leads to side effects. The method that produces the best results is the use of continual-release pellets, which are placed in the fat layer during a simple five-minute procedure. The pellets only need to be replaced every three to four months, and they provide a consistent dose and symptom relief throughout that period. Most people who choose hormone replacement therapy remain on it for their entire lives and feel much younger than their chronological age—literally 10 to 20 years younger.”

Though many patients report significant benefits from hormone replacement therapy, it’s important to understand that not all people are appropriate candidates for this treatment. Furthermore, a physician’s oversight is essential throughout treatment and dosing is determined by individual goals in combination with bloodwork. To learn more, visit luxe-laser.com or call 419-893-2775. ❦