“You had me at HALO…”

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in October

Do you live an active lifestyle? Do you enjoy outdoor activities like gardening, boating, swimming, golfing, biking, or running? Are the sun spots on your face or poor skin texture bothering you? Or has your skin just lost that youthful, natural, healthy glow? Say hello to Halo!


Halo is a state-of-the-art laser treatment that eliminates years of damage and restores that youthful glow you remember. A complete skin rejuvenation treatment, Halo will improve your skin’s overall tone and texture, significantly remove discoloration, and reduce pore size to increase your skin’s luminous glow.

Dr. Erin Hennessey of Blush Aesthetics says, “We customize each patient’s treatment plan depending on their goals, the amount of sun exposure and damage, and their age to make skin radiant and healthy, with minimal downtime. Halo simply produces healthy, beautiful skin that will last for years to come.”

Blush brought the Sciton HALO to Perrysburg in January of 2017, and it has been a patient favorite since. According to Dr. Hennessey, “HALO is the world’s first Hybrid Fractional Laser, which means it is really two treatments in one. It has really improved the patient experience while still providing amazing results. With older lasers, the experience was quite a painful process, requiring medications, injections, and the like. The healing process took weeks. With HALO, we can give patients the results they want without the discomfort and downtime they expect.”

HALO can address many skin concerns, including sun damage, brown spots, enlarged pores, fine lines, poor skin texture, small vessels in the skin, and uneven tone. It can even improve acne scarring. Halo is safe for all skin types and colors, which some lasers are not. Mineral makeup can be applied 24 hours after your treatment, making it ideal for individuals who are busy and cannot afford downtime.

Dr. Hennessey states, “These concerns are not unique to women. Approximately half of the patients who choose Halo are men. When they discover that they can have a treatment that takes 40 minutes, is relatively pain free, and will take years of damage and age off their skin, it’s an easy decision. Men tend to dislike a regimen that is tedious or involves long-term topical creams or multiple appointments. This is quick, easy, and effective.”

If you think Halo might be right for you or would like to come in and explore options for healthier skin, please give us a call at 419-362-6090. Our consultations are always free, and we love to educate our patients and help them achieve their skin-care goals.

Elizabeth Scott