‘Tis the season for chin treatments

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in December

The holiday season is a popular time to seek cosmetic treatments. This time of year, it’s often convenient to schedule time off work, coats and sweaters are the norm, and bathing suit weather is still many months in the offing. While Botox, Juvederm, and other injectables are very popular for quick fixes during the holidays, some of the most commonly sought cosmetic procedures when holiday photos are on the horizon are those focusing on the chin area.


“Everybody notices their chin, especially now when we’re spending so much time with family and friends,” says Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center. “Chin imperfections just tend to ‘pop out’ and it’s easy to be self-conscious about them when we know they’ll be captured in holiday photos. Luckily, chin issues are some of the easiest and most affordable to remedy and there are a variety of options to address them,”

Dr. Banker explains that two particular issues related to the chin are especially bothersome to his clients—excess fat buildup and loose skin. When it comes to permanent fat removal in the chin area, there are three options to choose from, one of which can also tighten the skin.


The first option he describes is a non-invasive technique involving the use of a very small CoolSculpting applicator. CoolSculpting technology uses low temperature, applied externally, to destroy fat cells, which are then cycled out of the body naturally. “Of the three chin-treatment options, CoolSculpting yields the most modest result. However, it has the significant advantage of requiring absolutely no downtime, plus it can be repeated to build upon the results,” says Dr. Banker.


The second chin-treatment alternative is Kybella. Considered a nearly non-invasive option, Kybella is an injectable product that melts fat, which is then cycled away naturally by the body. Dr. Banker points out that Kybella produces a slightly better result than CoolSculpting and is a bit more accurate because the doctor can easily control where the injections are made. The accuracy of CoolSculpting, in contrast, is somewhat limited by the fixed shape of the applicator. If a modest result is desired, a single treatment of Kybella may be sufficient. However, the procedure can be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Smart Lipo

The chin-treatment option with the highest degree of efficacy is minimally invasive Smart Lipo. During Smart Lipo, fat is melted under the skin and physically removed at the time of the procedure, allowing for the removal of much more fat than can be achieved with either CoolSculpting or Kybella. Thus, a very dramatic result can be produced with a single treatment. What’s more, Smart Lipo offers the additional advantage of tightening loose skin. In fact, it’s the only chin treatment on the market that can make that claim.

Dr. Banker adds, “The only way to tighten skin permanently is from underneath, and we have the advanced technology to achieve that. Our Smart Lipo machine is equipped with the PrecisionTx side-firing laser, which is specifically aimed at tightening skin, and it produces amazing results. It’s like getting a chin lift without surgery.”

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