Cutting-edge Fairwood program promotes healthy lifestyle and lasting weight loss

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in December

If you’ve turned to this article, there’s a good chance you’ve resolved to shed excess pounds in 2018. There’s also a good chance that you made that same resolution last year. And the year before that. Now, ask yourself this question: Are you really any lighter now than you were last year? Could it be that you’re actually heavier?


The simple truth about weight-loss resolutions is that they’re easier said than done. You set the bar high and start out with the best of intentions, hoping that, this time around, your resolve will hold up until bathing-suit season when you’ll unveil that perfect body to a beach full of envious onlookers. Then a funny thing happens on the way to that mythical beach. That high level of motivation leads to some initial success but gradually gives way to feelings of frustration, deprivation, and general edginess. Forbidden foods start beckoning from the fridge, and you start thinking to yourself, “One little bite can’t hurt.” Before you know it, that number on the scale is back to square one or even higher.

According to Dr. Jason Peisley of Fairwood Health & Body Transition, the reason this unhealthy cycle repeats over and over again for so many people is that the typical approach to weight loss involves the temporary modification of eating and exercise habits. He states, “When we think about going on a diet, we’re already thinking about going off the diet. So we start the latest trendy diet plan, and we may even lose a little weight, but then we always gain it right back after we stop dieting. The only way to avoid repeating this cycle is to adopt lifelong healthy habits.”

To help clients achieve this goal, Fairwood has introduced a highly innovative program that focuses on promoting a healthy lifestyle and restoring the natural balance of hormones in the body. As Dr. Peisley explains, “The body has both fat-storing and fat-burning hormones, which are associated with the thyroid and adrenal glands. These glands work closely together in balancing energy in the body. As we get older—especially over age 40—the level of fat-storing hormones tends to get a lot higher relative to the fat-burning hormones. As a result of this hormonal imbalance, we not only gain weight, but we also tend to feel tired, foggy, and listless all day.”

Dr. Peisley’s interest in the relationship between hormones and weight loss developed after seeing his wife struggle to shed pounds. “She was eating all the right things and exercising five days a week for a period of four to five months, but the number on the scale wouldn’t budge. She was also feeling depressed and her energy level was down,” he recalls. “One day she looked at me and said, ‘You’re a doctor. Tell me what I’m doing wrong.’ But I didn’t have a clue. It was then that I realized there must be a lot more to the equation. So I went out to Utah to learn about this program, then came back and tried it on my wife. She lost about 38 pounds in just 12 weeks on the program!”

Fairwood Health & Body Transition offers a five-week program in which participants can lose between 15 and 20 pounds, a 12-week program that can yield a loss of 30 to 50 pounds, and a maintenance program lasting up to 18 months that helps clients maintain the healthy lifestyle habits they’ve learned.

New clients begin the program with a free informational class, offered Tuesday evenings at 6:30, where they learn the “10 Fat-Burning Secrets.” After that, they meet one on one with Dr. Peisley to go over their health history, discuss their goals, and determine how the program can help them achieve those goals.

“Based on all that information, we customize a program to the client with a focus on proper eating habits. To help balance the hormone system, restore gut health, and boost energy levels, we use all-natural, organic nutrients that are only available through a doctor’s office. Clients also come in on a weekly basis to meet with an accountability coach, who helps them stay on track,” says Dr. Peisley.

In addition to hormone-balancing nutrients, Fairwood’s clients have access to several state-of-the-art modalities that promote optimum health and sustained weight loss. Among them are whole-body vibration, which improves muscle mass, burns fat, reduces cellulite, and even helps with bone density; infrared sauna, which helps pull toxins out of tissues, speeds up metabolism, and alters hormone imbalances; as well as detox body wraps using B vitamin cream, which penetrates through the skin to help open fat cells and increase circulation and lymphatic flow.

Dr. Peisley notes that clients can lose anywhere from four to 14 inches off their body every time they do a body wrap—though maintaining this result depends on making healthy lifestyle choices thereafter. He also points out that the detox body wrap is not a dehydration wrap, but a pure fat-loss modality.

Above all, Dr. Peisley emphasizes that the program at Fairwood Health & Body Transition is about health first and foremost. People with conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and even autoimmune diseases can experience improvement on the program. “The weight loss is just a positive byproduct of getting healthy and balancing those hormones, he says. “In fact, if you follow through with the program and take advantage of the different treatment modalities we offer here, Fairwood will be your last stop for weight loss.”❦