Valentine’s Day gifts that keep giving for a lifetime

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in February

Traditional flowers and chocolates may be popular go-to gifts for Valentine’s Day, but let’s face it, these items don’t tend to last very long. That’s not necessarily the statement you want to make to your romantic partner. As a longer-lasting alternative, Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center recommends several cosmetic gift options that will keep right on giving—some even for a lifetime. Best of all, many of these gift are affordable on virtually any budget. Examples include:


Laser hair removal

“Nearly everyone wishes they didn’t have to shave or wax away unwanted hair,” states Dr. Banker. “With laser hair removal, which we perform using state-of-the-art medical-grade lasers, they can leave these chores behind forever—and at a very affordable price. In fact, smaller areas can be treated for under $100.”

Luxe offers other very affordable laser treatments as well. One of the more popular at this time of year is laser tattoo removal, which can be had for only $120 per session regardless of the tattoo’s size. “Of course, this is a particularly good option before Valentine’s Day if your tattoo happens to be a former partner’s name or a reminder of a past relationship,” Dr. Banker says.


Injectables, such as Botox, Juvederm, Voluma, Volbella, and Vollure, are extremely popular among Luxe’s clients and make very affordable Valentine’s gifts. Dr. Banker notes that Botox sells for only $10 per unit, and Juvederm can be had for as little as $300. “Also, despite the fact that they’re less likely to talk about it than women are, more and more men are discovering the affordable benefits of injectable cosmetic treatments as well,” he adds.

People who are looking for a good group gift idea might consider throwing a Botox party in Luxe Laser’s brand new group area. Luxe will take care of the food, wine, drinks, setup, cleanup, and injections, and there is no additional charge to host a party.

SkinMedica products

The SkinMedica line offers a variety of skin-care products made with top ingredients based on the latest and very best research. These products are always 30 percent off at Luxe Laser, making them a very affordable way to start and maintain a healthy skin regimen.

Fat removal

A loved one who is struggling to get rid of stubborn fat deposits might appreciate the gift of non-invasive CoolSculpting or minimally-invasive Smart Lipo. At Luxe Laser, CoolSculpting is always 30 percent off and can be had for as little as $525, and Smart Lipo is available for as little as $2,500.

Breast augmentation

Those looking for a way to make a much bigger statement might consider giving the gift of a breast augmentation. Starting at $4,000 at Luxe Laser, breast augmentation may cost more than a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, but many consider the life-altering change it brings about for their loved one to be well worth the price.

“As alternatives to traditional Valentine’s Day gifts, these treatments and products can really make someone’s day—and continue making their day for a lifetime. Best of all, no matter what your budget may be, there’s something you can afford that will help your partner look and feel his or her best,” Dr. Banker says.

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