Toledo Clinic partnership with Central Michigan expands medical education in Northwest Ohio

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in April

In the face of recent closures of established primary care training programs in Northwest Ohio, The Toledo Clinic and Central Michigan University (CMU) announced a new partnership that will renew the region’s connections with future physicians.


Beginning in 2017, as part of the CMU College of Medicine’s Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) program, medical students will serve six-month rotations with established primary care physicians in Northwest Ohio.

“We are very excited by this type of modern ‘apprenticeship’ in which medical students can see and work in a thriving practice and determine how private community medicine best suits their future needs,” states Henry Naddaf, MD, of The Toledo Clinic.

 CMU is an ideal academic partner for this endeavor. Considering recent events, The Toledo Clinic felt it was imperative to establish and accentuate the placement of future family physicians to meet the needs of the community. Meanwhile, the CMU College of Medicine’s charter calls for it to promote community-focused care.

“Many of our well-established family physicians are excited by the prospect of working with medical students,” says Ian Elliot, MD, President of The Toledo Clinic. “Some of these family physicians might be three to five years from retirement and offer a lifetime of experience to a new physician.”

The Toledo Clinic is an independent partnership of over 180 physicians and 70 additional medical providers. It has had a long and successful history in the training of medical students and residents. As “community educators,” The Toledo Clinic allows students to see how private practice can thrive in the era of corporate medicine.

The CMU College of Medicine is the nation’s 137th medical school. Its mission is to prepare physicians focused on improving access to high-quality health care in Michigan with an emphasis on rural and medically underserved regions. The College will celebrate the graduation of its first class of students in May 2017.❦