Sunset’s Indian Road campus offers vibrant community with full care continuum

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in May

Area seniors who are seeking a vibrant, enriching community that offers a full range of living options and care levels will find all they’re looking for and more on Sunset Retirement Communities’ Indian Road campus—home of Sunset House and the Woodlands at Sunset House.


Sunset House, founded in 1871, has continually evolved to meet the growing needs of our community. What was originally established as a “Home for Friendless Women,” now provides several options for assisted living with on-site long-term care and therapy services available for those who need it.“Our assisted-living options include beautifully remodeled studio and one- and two-bedroom apartments. Additional levels of care can be added as residents’ needs change, completing the continuum of care so residents can remain in their home for as long as possible,” states Gayle Young, Director of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations for Sunset Retirement Communities.

Sunset House has a long and storied history, and it was important that this history be recognized and, as much as possible, maintained. So, while the assisted-living apartments were updated with modern quality finishes and appliances, much of what makes Sunset House unique was maintained to reflect its historic roots. “The stately Victorian Manor, which opened its doors in 1930, offers a historic charm and elegance to enhance a vibrant life,” Young says. “Residents are surrounded by antiques and rich history, embedded with current finishes and amenities. It’s the perfect blend of old and new!”

A second phase of renovation in Sunset Hall, which is nearly complete, involved remodeling the rooms to add showers to all bathrooms, removing old wooden built-in storage units to provide more flexible floor space, new paint and carpeting, as well as updating the common areas and hallways.

All of these updates and amenities serve to further enhance Sunset’s already warm, home-like atmosphere. In fact, providing an environment that feels like home to residents and their loved ones is a high priority at Sunset. As Young points out, “Residents are encouraged to bring their own belongings and furnishings so they can create a personalized living space that’s a reflection of who they are, and it’s not difficult to find sitting areas in which to entertain one’s friends and family, read a book, play cards or a board game, discuss current events, or even practice piano. Also, just like at home, you can grab a snack or meal when you want, and there are plenty of scheduled activities to fill your day.”

Moreover, at Sunset, everyone has opportunities for growth, regardless of their age or ability. This is a reflection of the Eden philosophy that Sunset has embraced, which is focused on providing person-centered care and vibrant, life-affirming environments. “In an Eden community, the resident is the center of every aspect of daily life. Adding to the charm of the Eden philosophy, our residents can enjoy the aviaries, aquariums, cats, and dogs throughout Sunset House,” Young says.

Seniors who choose the luxury, independent lifestyle offered at The Woodlands at Sunset House gain more than they ever imagined while leaving behind all the burdens of homeownership. As Young explains, “When you move to The Woodlands, housekeeping, lawn care, snow removal, home repairs, and all the other worries and costs associated with private homeownership are in the past. What you’ll gain is a carefree lifestyle with an attentive staff that is dedicated to your happiness and well-being. Not to mention, our dining room rivals the best restaurants in town. Our residents tell us they wished they’d made the move sooner!”

Nestled in the heart of Ottawa Hills, The Woodlands was established in 2001 as part of an expansion of Sunset’s Indian Road campus with the goal of adding an independent-living option to their continuum of care. Residents enjoy their own private living space in a one- or two-bedroom apartment, featuring a wide range of amenities and safety features, and their favorite furnishings and cherished possessions add the finishing touches to make their new living space feel even more like home. The atmosphere can, perhaps, best be described as casually elegant.

In addition to all the comforts and amenities, Woodlands residents find that the community allows and encourages them to maintain whatever lifestyle they choose. “Whether you wish to maintain your present daily schedule or explore something completely different, you’ll have whatever you need for the lifestyle that suits you best. Choosing The Woodlands also means that help is always nearby, as much or as little as you like, should you ever need it,” Young says.

Providing ample opportunities for healthy socialization is also a priority at The Woodlands. According to Young, residents say they especially enjoy the community’s Life Enrichment programs, which offer a wide range of opportunities to engage in social, intellectual, and physical endeavors, both in the building and out in the larger community. “The Woodlands is a place to focus on the things you love—being active, pursuing interests, and sharing companionship with friends, families, and neighbors. We pride ourselves on creating a vibrant and fun community for our residents to enjoy,” she adds.

Of course, independent living at The Woodlands is just the beginning of the continuum of care offered at Sunset. As residents’ care needs change, appropriate services will be available to accommodate them, whether they require assisted living, skilled nursing, memory support, respite care, rehab, or hospice and palliative care. Most seniors find that independent living is a very good option, but if they aren’t certain which level of care is best for their needs—for example, if they require assistance with certain activities of daily living—The Woodlands’ very knowledgeable staff will be able to help them find the best fit for their personal situation. ❦