Glendale Assisted Living believes everyone deserves a great life

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in August

For seniors who need a little help with everyday activities and are no longer confident in their ability to manage safely at home, the time may be right to consider assisted living. But oftentimes that’s as far as the idea goes. Daunted by all the options and the high prices they encounter, many seniors abandon the search for an assisted-living community before it has really begun.


“That’s unfortunate because there are excellent and affordable communities out there,” says Linda Johnson, Executive Director of The Glendale Assisted Living. “However, it is true that not all communities are created equal, so seniors and their families really need to do some research to find a place that best suits their needs.”

Asked what sets The Glendale Assisted Living apart, Johnson explains, “It definitely comes down to how we treat people like family, and the fact that every employee here goes above and beyond. Our philosophy is ‘Wow someone every day,’ whether it’s a resident, visitor, or other employee. If there’s something we can do to make someone’s day a little brighter, we’re going to do it.”

Of course, it also helps that The Glendale has a strong record of providing the highest quality care and adheres strictly to all the state rules and regulations necessary to maintain licensure as a residential care facility. In fact, as Johnson points out, the facility has received deficiency-free surveys from the Ohio Department of Health for the last three years.

Kristy Wortketter, Marketing Director for The Glendale Assisted Living, emphasizes that The Glendale is very competitive with respect to pricing and that the cost to live in the community is all-inclusive—meaning they don’t charge extra for services such as transportation or assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, or toileting. “Every resident has a unique set of needs, and we don’t believe anyone should have to pay extra to have those needs met,” she states. The facility also offers both private and semi-private rooms, further enhancing affordability for residents.

In addition to providing individualized assistance with activities of daily living, The Glendale has the WanderGuard departure-alert system in place to protect residents with dementia. What’s more, the entire staff has undergone special training in dementia care. “We also offer respite care for up to 90 days or as little as one day; on-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy; as well as meals to accommodate specialty diets,” says Wortketter.

Isolation and inactivity are major concerns for the senior population, but not for residents of The Glendale Assisted Living. Shopping excursions, Flexercise classes, balloon volleyball, Frisbee golf, board games, Wii Bowling, bingo, and movie matinees are just a sampling of the activities offered on a regular basis. And both Johnson and Wortketter agree that The Glendale’s full-time Activity Director, Jodi Kimball, does an amazing job of keeping residents engaged as well as adapting activities to ensure everyone can participate regardless of their limitations. “But our biggest emphasis is just getting people outside for picnics, special events, or visits to area attractions such as the Toledo Zoo or a Mud Hens game. We truly believe our motto: ‘Everyone deserves a great life,’” Johnson says.

Not just a community unto itself, The Glendale also strives to engage with the larger surrounding community whenever possible. For example, the facility participates in Maumee street fairs and helps support the Toledo Police RSVP program by hosting breakfasts for its volunteers. Also, on Tuesday, September 12, from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., The Glendale will host a picnic in celebration of Assisted Living Week. The whole community is invited to attend this fun, family friendly event, featuring food, refreshments, entertainment, and a visit from Muddy, the Mud Hens’ mascot. ❦