Two local businesses combine their talents to form new company

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in October

Brad Wooddall, owner of Stripe It Up, and Randy Hauser, owner of Randy Hauser Custom Painting, have combined their talents to create Get Floored Epoxy Coatings.


Brad and Randy got to know each other at a paint store that both patronized, and over the years, the two discussed the possibility of diversifying their current businesses. They both love the quality and look of epoxy floors and are confident they can produce high-quality results by having competent staff who understand the importance of being meticulous.

Brad founded Stripe It Up in 1984 and is well acquainted with hard work and hot days. His experience in parking lot maintenance started in 1980 when he worked for a local paving company. He takes great pride in the reputation he has developed in the industry. Stripe It Up provides high quality and professional parking lot striping services throughout the Ohio and Michigan area. The company currently has eight full-time employees, and Brad’s two sons, Grant and Will, are now working with Brad to learn the business and to help out during the busy summers.

Randy is no stranger to hard work and long hours either. Randy Hauser Custom Painting was launched in 2000 and currently services Ohio and Michigan. Randy began his career with Moline Builders, seven-time Homebuilder of the Year. He started his own company with one other person, and they have grown into one of the larger residential contractors in Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, servicing upscale luxury homes. Randy currently has 12 full-time employees.

Randy says, “After many conversations with Brad, we decided that between the two of us we could get another business going in the epoxy floor business. He had a lot of the knowledge that I was lacking, and I had the workforce to make it happen.”

Brad adds, “We are off to a great start. We recognize that the ability to be competitive is vital to success in this business. We’re bonded, local, and excited about this new venture. Most of all, we welcome the opportunity to service your epoxy needs.”❦