The Elizabeth Scott Community introduces sign-on bonus program

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in October

In an effort to attract top-quality talent, in late August the Elizabeth Scott Community introduced a sign-on bonus program for new hires. The position targeted was third-shift nursing assistants, and new hires that met the qualifications could earn a sign-on bonus of up to $4,000. The program ended on September 30, 2017 for those job candidates.


“Sign-on bonuses are not new,” says Deb Bucher, Director of Human Resources for the Elizabeth Scott Community. “Given the relatively small pool of candidates in the job market today, we felt that using such a program would help us find the right healthcare professionals to fit into our family-oriented culture,” she says.

Bucher says the sign-on bonus program could be used in the future for other types of job positions based on the need they have at the time. “We’ve already hired all the third-shift nursing assistants that we needed,” she states. “But we will consider using the sign-on bonus program with positions like dietary assistants and housekeepers as needed.”

In the case of sign-on bonuses for nursing assistants, applicants had to be a state tested nursing assistant or have a valid certificate from a nursing assistant training course within the last two years. A full-time hire was eligible for a sign-on bonus of $4,000, while a part-time hire was eligible for a sign-on bonus of $2,000. Bonuses will be paid in four increments if work conditions are met: after 90 days, at the 12-month anniversary of the hire, at the 18-month anniversary, and after the 24-month anniversary.

“We have to be competitive in the market if we want to attract and retain good employees,” says Paul Bucher, third-generation owner of the Elizabeth Scott Community. “We are a people-oriented business, so it’s important that our employees not only have the professional skills needed for the job, but also the personality to get along with our residents and to fit in with the rest of our staff.”

The third-generation owner says the Elizabeth Scott Community’s corporate culture has always been different from the cultures of large, publicly traded long-term care facilities that have inundated the market. “Because of our facility’s size and our focus on maintaining a family atmosphere, we feel we can be more on target with developing personal relationships with our employees,” says Bucher. “We’re not just looking to fill positions. We want to hire people who will fit in and who will stay with us for a long time.”

In addition to introducing the sign-on bonus program, the Elizabeth Scott Community offers a variety of perks for its employees, including flexible schedules, competitive wages, a tuition-reimbursement program, and excellent benefits for those who qualify.All staff members also receive a free, well-balanced lunch at Elizabeth Scott every day. “Other facilities will charge their employees for the food they provide to them, or they let them leave to grab fast food,” says Bucher. “We don’t do that. We would rather our employees have a free, relaxed lunch in the facility with no rushing around to buy a lunch on the outside. Lunchtime here is just another opportunity to cultivate relationships among our employees and with our administrative staff.”

The Elizabeth Scott Community, located at 2720 Albon Road in Maumee, is a family owned and operated facility that offers independent living, two levels of assisted living, skilled nursing, and skilled rehabilitation. The skilled rehabilitation center is only two years old and is a beautiful, well-equipped, 12,000-square-foot facility with a 1,400-square-foot, high-tech therapy gym. The facility includes 14 private luxury suites for short-term stay residents. Skilled rehabilitation includes on-site physical, occupational, and speech therapy offered up to seven days a week.

All Elizabeth Scott services are located on a single campus with all facilities connected. For more information about the Elizabeth Scott Community’s new-hire sign-on bonus program, contact the human resources department at 419-724-5004.❦

Otterbein 2/1/18