Fieldstone Villas at Sunset Village is soon to expand

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in October

With summer’s lawn mowing soon giving way to autumn leaf raking and winter snow shoveling, many area seniors may be questioning whether it’s time to leave behind the burdensome chores of homeownership and join a senior living community. As they contemplate this move, some may hesitate out of concern that, in doing so, they’ll have to compromise their independence or abandon their favorite activities. However, for seniors who choose the maintenance-free lifestyle at Fieldstone Villas at Sunset Village, a Life Plan Community (formerly called a CCRC), nothing could be further from the truth.


“At Fieldstone Villas, all aspects of home maintenance, both inside and outside, are included with the monthly fee. That includes lawn care and snow removal, preventive maintenance, appliance and plumbing repairs, and even bi-monthly housekeeping,” says Gayle Young, Director of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations for Sunset Retirement Communities. “Once they’re freed from all those chores, residents have much more time on their hands to take part in their favorite pastimes and passions, pursue personal growth, and live their lives to the fullest.” In fact, to help residents find fulfilling ways to spend their newfound free time, the Fieldstone Villas community offers a broad range of social and cultural activities, exercise opportunities, and fun, informative classes. 
The Fieldstone Villas lifestyle is not only rich in activities, but also long on amenities. The well-appointed, spacious villas—which are situated in a luxuriant, park-like setting complete with walking paths, lush landscaping, and beautiful views overlooking ponds and meadows—include two bedrooms, two baths, all appliances, granite countertops, ample storage, as well as a laundry room, garage, patio, and sunroom.

“What’s more, in keeping with the Life Plan Community concept, as a Fieldstone Villas resident, you’ll never be burdened with the decision of moving again. You’ll have guaranteed priority access to higher levels of care should you need them, and, should you outlive your financial resources, Sunset Communities will always be your home,” says Young.

The first 12 units at Fieldstone Villas were completed last summer, and since then interest in the Fieldstone lifestyle has been extremely high. Young is excited to announce that construction on 10 more units (two units per roof) will begin in 2018 so even more area seniors have the opportunity to experience the active, independent, maintenance-free lifestyle that Fieldstone Villas offers.

In addition to planning construction of 10 new units next year, Sunset also recently broke ground for a Clubhouse at Fieldstone Villas. Once completed, this over-10,000-square-foot facility will offer Fieldstone residents a place for classes, exercise and fitness, evening dining, and simply gathering with friends and family.

“The response since the grand opening of Fieldstone Villas has been overwhelming, and with this planned expansion, we’re thrilled to continue to provide the Life Plan Community to our area,” says Young.

Sunset Village is also home to a brand-new state-of-the-art rehab center. Serving clients on both an inpatient and outpatient basis, the center features a 6,000-square-foot gym area with new equipment, a Swimex therapy pool with three levels of water depth and a paddlewheel for resistance training, a mobility courtyard with varied surfaces to help clients practice navigating the different types of terrain they may encounter, a life skills apartment to help clients transition back home smoothly, and private treatment rooms.❦