At Sunset Retirement Communities, seniors discover what they’ve been missing

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in December

Seniors who are considering moving to a retirement community often feel as though they’re getting pulled in two different directions. On the one hand, factors such as changes in health status, their children’s concerns over their safety and well-being, or the passing of a spouse/partner or caregiver convince them that moving might be the best option.


On the other hand, an entirely different set of factors tends to persuade them otherwise. For example, they may be reluctant to leave behind the familiar surroundings of home, overwhelmed by the prospect of downsizing and moving many decades’ worth of accumulated possessions, or simply anxious and afraid of facing the unknown. Some may also have difficulty accepting that they are in declining health and need assistance with activities they used to manage easily on their own.

However, according to Gayle Young, Director of Marketing, Communication, and Public Relations for Sunset Retirement Communities, seniors who make the move to a Sunset community gain much more than they leave behind. “New residents soon realize all that they were missing while bogged down by the chores and obligations of homeownership. They may rediscover hobbies and pastimes they once loved, or they may discover entirely new passions or talents they didn’t even know they had. The comment we hear most often from people who recently joined the Sunset family is, ‘I wish I’d made the decision to come here much sooner,’” she says.

Sunset Retirement Communities, an independent, nonprofit organization that has been serving our region since 1871, offers a full continuum of care services, including assisted living, memory care, and health care at Sunset House; assisted living, health care, memory support, and a brand-new, state-of-the-art rehab center at Sunset Village; independent living apartments at The Woodlands; active-living homes at Fieldstone Villas; and hospice and palliative care services through Ashanti Hospice and Palliative Care. “That means that as residents’ care needs change, there will always be a place for them here at Sunset. Also, residents never feel isolated here because they have a built-in community. They may reconnect with old friends or find new ones, and they always have the support of our dedicated staff,” Young says.

Of course, Sunset is about much more than care services. Residents can also choose from countless activities that will help keep them engaged and growing. Exercise and wellness activities, card games, lively discussions, arts and crafts classes, musical groups, shopping excursions, and museum visits are just a sampling of the many ways residents can spend their time.

Young emphasizes that with winter fast approaching, now is a great time for seniors to set aside the snow shovel, put down that heavy bag of rock salt, stop worrying whether the furnace will hold out another season, and move to Sunset where staff members handle all the snow and ice removal as well as utility maintenance. “In addition, we serve delicious meals here at Sunset, so you never have to risk making that perilous drive to the grocery store in wintry weather,” Young says.

To help determine whether living at Sunset Communities is the right choice, Young encourages seniors to consider if:

  • They are ready to downsize and leave behind home and yard maintenance, especially in extreme weather.
  • They are ready to let someone else handle grocery shopping and/or daily meal preparation.
  • They want convenient access to social events such as dinners, movies, special interest classes, church services, and exercise.
  • They want the peace of mind that comes from knowing helpful associates are on hand, around the clock, seven days a week.
  • Living alone is not a safe option.
  • They are having difficulty managing daily life, are not eating a healthy diet or skipping meals, are letting personal and home cleanliness decline, have little to no interest in once-loved activities, or are experiencing feelings of isolation.

“If, after answering all these questions, you’re still unsure, consider calling us at 419-536-4645 (Sunset House), 419-724-1200 (Sunset Village), 419-724-1220 (The Woodlands), or 419-386-2686 (Fieldstone Villas) to schedule a personal tour,” Young suggests. “What better way to make up your mind than to meet our staff and residents and see our communities in action?”❦