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Need a reason to try tennis? How about 10!

Written by by Mark S. Faber, USPTA Elite Professional. Posted in November

Over the past few months, I have used this column to address issues greater than sports, yet through sports. Much has been happening around the world that affects all of us in various ways, and knowing that, I wanted to bring a positive swing back into creating a healthier America. With the holiday season quickly approaching, people will be spending extra time with their families, so I feel this is a perfect time to focus on how tennis provides many positives to individuals and families.


A late-autumn gardening to-do list

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in November

It’s time once again to bid a fond farewell to the growing season and put our gardens and landscapes to bed until spring. Along with cool temperatures and reduced daylight, late fall brings its own set of gardening chores to be tackled before winter’s snow begins to fly. Gardener’s need to tidy up borders and beds, wrap up any remaining fall planting, provide winter protection for tender plants, and properly clean and store their tools and equipment.


The ABCDs of Medicare: What covers what?

Written by by Peter DiGuglielmo. Posted in November

Trying to figure out the different parts of Medicare can be a confusing process. That’s because each part (A, B, C and D) provides a different set of benefits. When you’re ready to enroll, it’s important to understand those differences so you can make the best decisions. Here’s a brief explanation to get you started:


nobody's perfect | Get me out of here: emergency planning for those with a disability

Written by Sister Karen Zielinski, OSF. Posted in November

Iwas glad I was not at the Las Vegas concert the night the gunman tragically shot innocent people.

I thought about people there who had to evacuate quickly. This must have been a frightening and challenging thing to do with thousands of people, full of shock and fear. Then I thought, “What would I do with my electric cart, trying to drive out of the area in the night, with people running all over?” Besides trying to leave a dangerous area and go to a safer place, I know there would be the challenges of physical barriers for those in wheelchairs or using carts or canes.


A Walk in the Park | Going to see the elephant

Written by by LeMoyne Mercer. Posted in November

There is an ancient parable about six blind men who went to see an elephant. One bumped into the broad side of the elephant and declared it was like a wall. The second felt a tusk and said it was long and smooth like a spear. The third felt the trunk and found it very like a snake. The fourth grabbed a leg and decided an elephant is like a tree. For the fifth, the ear meant the elephant is like a fan. The sixth felt the tail and pronounced the elephant to be like a rope.


Winter running tips

Written by by Amanda Manthey. Posted in November

As the winter months approach, running outdoors in cold conditions is not as appealing as the warmer months to many of us. Using these helpful winter running tips will make your workout safer and, hopefully, maintain your desire and commitment.


Are you set for snowblower season?

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in November

Alas, cold weather and the possibility of snow will soon be upon us again! We can only hope this winter proves to be an underachiever where snowfall is concerned, but just in case it doesn’t, now is the time to get prepared. For many area residents, that might mean digging out and tuning up the old snowblower—or finally investing in one to avoid getting caught off guard by another snowy onslaught.