Spiritually Speaking | Musings

Written by By Sister Mary Thill. Posted in August

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

—Ella Fitzgerald lyrics

It is difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.

—Lewis Grizzard

Take care of the things that take care of you: hang up your clothes; wash your dishes; do your laundry; clean your house; maintain your car… Show them respect and kindness by treating them properly.

—Rami Shapiro


Wise words from Otterbein | Using technology as part of rehabilitative therapy produces results

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in August

Selecting the right nursing home and therapy team is a critical decision for patients, families, and their physicians. Oftentimes, people choose a long-term-care facility, outpatient clinic, or rehabilitation provider based on things like convenience of location and facility amenities. While these are logical considerations, nothing should be more important than the rehabilitation provider’s ability to provide effective treatment options for the individual’s specific health condition. With the proper rehabilitation care, patients and residents are often able to enjoy better quality of life and independence. In many cases, they are even able to return to the activities they enjoy and a lower level of care in the community.


Tips for Race Recovery

Written by by Amanda Manthey. Posted in August

Running gives you a great workout that challenges both your body and your mind. When you cross the finish line in a race, your body is exhausted but your work is not over. After you exercise, you need to restore your body’s balance and power. Adhering to these post-race recovery tips will give you the edge for a more rapid recovery.


Don’t miss Dave’s Races

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in August

Runners, get ready to “take your mark” in these exciting community events sponsored by Dave’s Performance Footgear. For more information on any event, including associated costs/fees, please visit


A Walk in the Park | Searching for our Yukon estate

Written by by LeMoyne Mercer. Posted in August

Like Ralphie in A Christmas Story and millions of other 1950s kids, I was a sucker for the prizes that came from collecting box tops or Ovaltine labels. Some prizes, as with Cracker Jacks, were right in the box for your instant gratification. Maybe it was just a little plastic gimcrack, but it was greeted as eagerly as the “major award” won by Ralphie’s Old Man.