Aqua Hut introduces two cutting edge aquatic workout programs

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in October

For many years, Aqua Hut has introduced Toledo-area residents to the wonders of the underwater realm through scuba-diving adventures both close to home and all around the world. Now, the aquatic experiences available at this full-service, customer-friendly dive center have expanded to include Aqua Cycling and BOGA Fit/BOGA Yoga classes.


“We’re always pushing the envelope when it comes to the courses and services we offer, and these aquatic exercise classes are really on the cutting edge,” says Aqua Hut owner Jeff Davis. “In fact, we’re one of only five full-time Aqua Cycling centers in the country. The other four are located in major cities—one in New York, two in Miami, and one in Los Angeles.”

Invented in 1993 by an Italian physical therapist to help injured athletes, Aqua Cycling delivers a powerful full-body workout—burning between 600 and 800 calories per 45-minute session—with minimal impact on the joints and no next-day soreness or fatigue. What’s more, virtually anyone can do it, from the ironman triathlete to the patient rehabbing from a total knee replacement. “Our Aqua Cycling classes offer a diverse range of intensity for all fitness levels and are available seven days a week at various times in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Water, as we all know, offers so many benefits to our health and overall well-being, and anyone can participate because you work at your own pace,” explains Becky Mincheff, a Certified Fitness Instructor and nurse who has been teaching in the Toledo area for over 20 years.

Aqua Hut introduced Aqua Cycling to Toledo in April of 2017, and since then the program’s popularity has really surged. More importantly, participants are seeing significant results. Mincheff notes that one woman has shed eight pounds through Aqua Cycling without making any other lifestyle modifications. Another woman, who experienced a spinal cord injury that left her paralyzed in the lower extremities, actually began to regain feeling in her legs after taking part in Aqua Cycling for about three months with permission from her physician. “As an instructor, it’s always extremely rewarding to see clients progress toward their health and fitness goals, and Aqua Cycling has been paramount in this progression for many of our clients,” says Mincheff.

BOGA Fit and BOGA Yoga classes were just added to Aqua Hut’s lineup of offerings in August of this year. These fun, innovative programs involve performing various exercises or yoga poses on stable floating mats, and the element of water movement helps improve strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination to a much greater degree than is possible on land. As with Aqua Cycling, BOGA classes are offered mornings, afternoons, and evenings, making them accessible to anyone regardless of their schedule. Mincheff notes that many clients like to schedule Aqua Cycling and BOGA Fit/BOGA Yoga classes back to back so they can get a comprehensive workout in two 45-minute classes.

Davis emphasizes that, although all of Aqua Hut’s Aqua Cycling and BOGA instructors are highly trained, certified fitness professionals, his facility is not a gym. “We’re a small, safe, intimate environment where clients can feel comfortable wearing a swimsuit and no one is going to gawk at them. We don’t have multiple activities going on in the pool at once, so the only other people you’ll see in the pool will be your classmates and instructor. Plus, since we’re not a corporate gym, we’re not bound by corporate rules. We make our own rules, and we can change them as needed to provide a better experience for our clients,” he says.

Mincheff adds, “Above all, these classes are filled with fun, laughter, and camaraderie. Many of our clients say they have such a good time that it doesn’t even feel like a workout.”

For more information on Aqua Cycling and BOGA Fit/BOGA Yoga classes at Aqua Hut, located at 2543 N. Reynolds Rd. in Toledo, please call 419-531-4655 or visit Both classes are perfect for corporate team-building exercises. ❦

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