What could new you mean in 2018

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in January

The start of a new year inspires many of us to take a critical look at ourselves and decide which aspects of our lives we’re pleased with and which could use a little honing if not a complete overhaul. In many cases, that envisioned “new you” is someone who eats healthier foods, exercises more, weighs less, and fits better into clothing. Considering the numerous health risks associated with obesity, losing weight and getting in shape is certainly a laudable goal for those carrying some extra pounds, provided it is achieved safely and with appropriate medical oversight.


Getting fit and tipping the bathroom scale at a healthier weight is just one example of what “new you” could mean in 2018. Some might decide that 2018 is the year to seek a cosmetic enhancement, plastic surgery, or dental procedure either to correct a physical defect that impacts their self confidence or to help them put their best face forward in the workplace or social settings.

For others, the “new you” might be one who is committed to kicking an unhealthy habit such as cigarette smoking, overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, building a stronger marriage or family dynamic, or even getting a better handle on mental health through professional counseling services.

Of course, becoming the best possible “new you” in 2018 doesn’t have to be about correcting shortcomings or abandoning bad habits. It can also involve taking steps to build upon your existing strengths—for example, enrolling in classes or seeking special training to bolster your knowledge base or skill set so you’re ready for that next big career move.

The options for creating a “new you” in 2018 are truly endless. And whatever goal you set for yourself, there are numerous organizations and experts in our community who are poised to help you reach it. Read on to find the ideas and support you need.❦