Maintaining those New Year's resolutions

Written by by Amanda Manthey. Posted in January

One month almost down and eleven more to go. Is keeping that New Year’s resolution harder than you thought? If your resolution entailed improving your general health by exercising and you already feel you are on the downhill stretch, follow these easy uplifting tips.


Most of us lose interest in a daily workout because it is too boring, too long, or we are short on time. We all battle the workout blues at one time or another. First, reevaluate your New Year’s resolution so it is attainable and fits your personal fitness expectation.

Develop three levels of workout routines to maximize your goals, and create an organizational hierarchy based on your abilities. The three levels will be labeled minimal workout, moderate workout, and exceptional workout.

The key ingredient is to listen to your body and do only what you are capable of doing. On the days when your body feels energized and more time is available, your workout can be more intense and longer. On the days when your body is sore and time is limited, your workout can be less intense and shorter.

Rather than saying, “I’ll do it tomorrow,” reduce the workout and use your three-level workout routines as a quick guide. Remember, you do not want to start over. Reducing your workout instead of skipping a workout maintains consistency and continues to build stamina.

Here are a few ideas when time is limited and some form of exercise is better than no exercise:

  • Reduce your cardio minutes if time is limited, or reduce your resistance or speed if lacking motivation, whether it is on a machine at the gym or running outside.
  • When strength training, choose machines or strengthening exercises that will target two or more muscle groups. This may entail combining two or more exercises into one exercise. This can be more efficient and less time-consuming if done correctly.

Consistency is the key to a successful New Year’s resolution. If the workout blues are approaching, re-evaluate your situation and make adjustments to your workout routine. You might need to alter your long- or short-term goals so that they are attainable fitness goals. Remember, don’t give up and keep a consistent workout lifestyle even if it is minimal. It will leave you feeling great each and every day and one step closer towards accomplishing your New Year’s resolution.❦