Healthy body, healthy pocketbook

Many people have a clear vision of what their ideal retirement looks like. Some desire vacation homes in tropical destinations, while others plan to spend quality time with their grandchildren and family. We know that many of these dreams will come with a price tag, but of all the activities in retirement that you’re saving for, have you considered the costs associated with necessary services, like health care?

How to help de-stress the holiday season

Another holiday season is upon us, and that means it’s time to spend a small fortune on gifts, spend untold hours baking holiday treats, wrap a truckload of presents, transform your home into the perfect winter wonderland, and entertain like Martha Stewart on steroids (safely masked and socially distanced, of course), all while balancing your regular responsibilities of work and family.

Do you know the symptoms of Alzheimer’s?

As we get older, it’s normal to become more forgetful. Recollecting the name that goes with a familiar face, finding the right word in conversation, locating a misplaced set of car keys, or recalling the reason for entering a room can become more challenging with age. Oftentimes, people describe these common memory lapses as “Alzheimer’s moments.”

Considerations for holiday travel during COVID-19

Visiting with family over the holidays is a vital tradition that provides an opportunity to set aside the everyday grind and enjoy a little togetherness with the people who know and understand us best. Of course, gathering with extended family often requires at least some form of travel—whether by car across town or by plane across the country. Unfortunately, with the cloud of COVID-19 still hovering over us, holiday travel is significantly more complicated than usual this year.

Mercy Health pulmonologist urges lung cancer screenings for high-risk patients

The technology to screen long-time smokers for lung cancer has been available for several years. This innovative technique, called low-dose screening CT of chest, makes it possible for doctors to identify lung cancer at an early stage, before patients begin to show symptoms and when the disease is most treatable and potentially curable. Unfortunately, far too few people who are at high risk of developing lung cancer—the number-one cancer killer in both men and women—are taking advantage of the opportunity to be screened.