mBrace Naturals CBD Health and Wellness Center is good for what ails you!

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Health and Beauty

In this high-pressure, fast-paced world we live in, there is one thing that many of us share in common: stress. It factors into many long-term health issues and causes a host of challenges in our personal and business lives. But there is a product that can help relieve stress and is without after-effects or limitations. That product is CBD, or, officially, Cannabidiol, and clinical research shows it can improve the negative impact of stress, anxiety, movement disorders, and pain.


CBD, also known as hemp, has mistakenly been considered the same as cannabis, or marijuana, which is similar in genetic properties but is not psychotropic like cannabis, since it has very little or no THC, the active ingredient that marijuana contains. Federally legalized since 2018, CBD has taken the world by storm and is available in many different forms, including tinctures, lotions, “gummies,” and even bath balms. The mBrace Naturals CBD Health and Wellness Center, located in the center court of the Franklin Park Mall, offers these many combinations and plans to carry all available forms.

Eric Sessoms, owner of mBrace, shares their vision for the local community: “We have been following the advances in CBD studies and product offerings for many years and are excited to be offering a product we believe in 100 percent. Over the years, conventional medicine can become more receptive to herbal and natural products, and CBD and hemp have been known to have positive medicinal qualities for centuries.” Partner and local resident Nick Popoff adds, “We want to offer a healthier, all-natural alternative to consumers to help with any issues they may be experiencing.”

According to Sessoms and Popoff, these products are great for a multitude of ailments including stress, anxiety, acne, inflammation, joint pain, nausea, nicotine cravings, arthritis, pain, digestion, insomnia, depression, neuropathy, and PTSD.

The beauty of CBD is that it is available and can be taken in many different forms. CBD initially came as a tincture, applied by placing a few drops under the tongue with a dropper. And, they can be enhanced with appealing flavors including strawberry and vanilla custard. Most people feel the benefits of tinctures quickly since the product enters the blood very quickly when orally ingested. Sessoms explains that a 1000mg dose is $59.99 and should be taken regularly as part of an ongoing lifestyle maintenance since CBD benefits are best realized by reaching a “balance” in your system. These products generally do not act like a pharmaceutical in that you do not always feel the benefits immediately.

Salves have become very popular over the years since, as Sessoms states, CBD is good for joint and muscle pain, which the aging population deals with all too frequently. The mBrace salves come in 250 and 500mg sizes and, according to Sessoms, can help with other skin ailments including psoriasis, eczema, bruises, and inflammation. He further notes that the salves have helped many with migraines and are even great for sunburn.

Sessoms remarks that gummies are a wonderful way to ingest CBD since they literally melt in your mouth and can be taken without any need for water or droppers. They’re also gluten- and GMO-free, and since they travel so well, they can be taken on road trips.

And finally, at the end of the day, what’s more relaxing than taking a bath with a lavender or mango-papaya bath balm? These products have grown in popularity since they are soothing as well as great for skin moisturizing and maintenance. As we stand on our feet all day, or stay glued to a chair, bath balms are a perfect way to end the stressful days and help ensure a good night’s sleep.