What to consider when shopping cosmetic procedures

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Health and Beauty

People who are seeking a cosmetic procedure to help them look and feel their best can quickly become overwhelmed by all the available options and all the different facilities that are offering sound-alike services and promising exceptional results. To help area residents choose the cosmetic procedures and providers that are best for their needs, Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center offers the following suggestions:


Skip the sales pitch

First, make sure any questions you might have about a cosmetic procedure are answered by a medical professional, not a sales consultant. “At Luxe Laser, all our information on services and pricing is published online, and when you come here, you’ll speak only with a medical professional who will give you real answers with no pressure. In fact, we have no sales people on staff and no one works on commission. We’re also happy to give a second opinion to confirm that a procedure is right for you, and our consultations are always free,” Dr. Banker states.

Compare apples to apples

In the cosmetic industry, many different services and procedures have similar-sounding names and/or claim to produce very similar results. The truth is, two different procedures can sound almost identical but yield very different outcomes. That’s why it’s so important to work with a cosmetic facility that has the expertise and experience to offer a good comparison of different procedures. “Also, keep in mind that no one procedure is right for every patient—what works well for one patient might not work well for another. Before committing, always consult with an expert who knows the difference between procedures and can guide you to the option

that’s best for you,” says Dr. Banker.

Be wary of “fake” medical procedures

Any cosmetic procedure that produces a lasting effect is considered a medical procedure—and the State of Ohio mandates that any true medical procedure must be performed by a medical professional. Thus, it’s important to be aware that any procedure performed by an aesthetician, salon operator, or anyone other than a doctor or nurse is, by definition, non-medical. The treatment may feel pleasant, but the results will be minimal with no long-term effects. “However, some states do allow advertising for non-medical procedures, so you have to be careful,” Dr Banker cautions.

Be flexible about scheduling if you want to save money

People who place a high priority on getting cosmetic procedures at the best possible price can sometimes save a considerable amount of money if they’re flexible about when they are willing to have it done. “Certain times of year are so busy that there’s little to no flexibility in price, but if patients are agreeable to having the procedure performed on a space-available basis and on relatively short notice—for example when a cancellation opens up a slot in the physician’s schedule—they can potentially get 10 to 20 percent off the regular price. So, being flexible when it comes to scheduling is a great way to save money, especially from October through November, which is typically the slowest time for cosmetic facilities,” explains Dr. Banker.

For more information on any of the services or procedures offered at Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center, please call 419-893-2775. Consultations are always free of charge. Additional information is also available online at luxe-laser.com. ❦