Now entering the post-holiday “sweet spot” for cosmetic procedures

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Health and Beauty

Certain times of year can be better than others when it comes to scheduling cosmetic procedures. More specifically, any period that allows ample time for recovery as well as the opportunity for discreet healing before that “big reveal” is a good time to have a procedure done. According to Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center, with the holiday season now behind us, we are entering the ideal window for cosmetic procedures.


“The period right after the holidays is the biggest sweet spot for cosmetic procedures,” he states. “One reason is that all the holiday parties and get-togethers are behind us and, with the exception of Valentine’s Day, no major events will be popping up until Easter. So, out of the entire year, the post-holiday period offers the longest stretch of time for recovery. Also, we’re able to wear long-sleeve shirts and pants throughout this period, so people who prefer to conceal any evidence of healing are able to do so easily.”

Another reason the post-holiday period is such a popular time to seek a cosmetic procedure is that many people have a little extra money set aside after the holidays, whether they received cash or a gift card for a free cosmetic service such as Botox or they simply held a little back to treat themselves. In addition, we’re coming up on tax return season starting in February, and those who are fortunate enough to get money back often receive enough to have a substantial procedure done.

Which procedures are especially popular during the post-holiday sweet spot? “At this time of year, there’s an increased demand for cosmetic procedures across the board, but especially for those with recovery time associated, such as Smart Lipo, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation,” Dr. Banker says.

Smart Lipo is a minimally-invasive fat-removal procedure that requires some modest recovery and certain restrictions afterward, such as avoiding heavy lifting and strenuous activities for a time. The procedure is performed by inserting a small laser fiber under the skin, melting the fat, and then physically removing it from the body at the time of the procedure. “Patients typically don’t mind the recovery and restrictions associated with Smart Lipo because the procedure yields a more dramatic final result compared to non-invasive fat-removal techniques,” says Dr. Banker.

Tummy tucks are ideal for those who are interested in achieving both fat removal and significant skin tightening in the abdominal area. Mini tucks can also be performed to tighten smaller areas of loose skin around the abdomen or anywhere else on the body. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and produce dramatic results with minimal scarring, minimal downtime, and very little pain.

Women who are interested in breast augmentation will appreciate the fact that they can now have the procedure done without having to be placed under general anesthesia. “Here at Luxe Laser, we offer an advanced procedure called Awake Breast Augmentation, which is performed under local anesthesia with the patient fully conscious yet completely free of pain and discomfort,” Dr. Banker states.

In addition to Smart Lipo, tummy tucks, and breast augmentation, tattoo removal, laser hair removal, and other laser procedures are also highly popular right after the holidays. Dr. Banker remarks, “Not only is it relatively easy to fit these procedures into your schedule at this time of year, but you also don’t have to worry as much about sun exposure to the area being treated as you do during the warmer months.”

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