Expert answers to cosmetic procedure FAQs

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Health and Beauty

Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center strives to educate clients on all aspects of cosmetic procedures so they know exactly what to expect when they decide to have one done. During consultations, clients ask him a wide variety of questions, many of which seem to come up again and again, suggesting that many people in the community may be wondering the same thing. Here are several of those FAQs along with Dr. Banker’s expert responses:

Will I really be awake during my cosmetic procedure?
Yes, you will be awake. Modern technology allows us to perform many surgical procedures, such as breast augmentation, Smart Lipo, tummy tucks, etc., without general anesthesia, though you won’t feel a thing. The surgery will be exactly the same as it would be with you completely unconscious, but this technology means you’ll save a lot of money while significantly reducing the risks associated with procedures done under general anesthesia.

With breast augmentation, how do I know what size implants to get?
We know from talking to a lot of patients that there is ample confusion when it comes to implant sizing. Unfortunately, information people find on the internet related to this topic is often misleading if not downright bizarre—such as suggestions to fill up bags of rice or other odd techniques to determine how many CCs the implants should be. In reality, your own body is responsible for a lot of the measurements.

Instead of focusing on CCs, the only thing the patient is responsible for deciding is how much projection is desired from the implants. This is measured on a scale from one to four, with one being unnoticeable and four being obvious. The other measurements come from your existing tissue and combine to be your CC size.

Can you really make my spider veins go away?
Absolutely! In fact, we can usually clear up spider veins with one treatment using our advanced laser technology. However, it does take some time for these veins to go away after treatment, so be sure to get it done at least a month before you’ll be wearing clothes that reveal the treated area. Also, the consultation is free, so you’ll always know what you’ll be paying for this treatment ahead of time.

Can anyone get Botox and Juvederm?
Yes, any adult is a candidate for Botox and the various Juvederm fillers as long as the concern they’re trying to correct is treatable with them. Whether you’re 26 or 76, these products can help you put your best face forward. Also, due to our status with the manufacturers of these products, we’re able to offer them at extremely low prices. Botox is just $10 per unit with no additional injection fees, and Juvederm products start as low as $400.

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