Dr. Banker discusses downtime and restrictions for common cosmetic procedures

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Health and Beauty

At this time of year—with tax returns hitting the mailboxes and bathing suit season right around the corner—Luxe Laser Vein & Body Center always sees a significant increase in clients seeking cosmetic procedures. In addition to inquiring about what happens during the procedures and the results they can expect, clients usually want to know how much time they’ll need to take off work or any other restrictions that might apply after the procedure. Oftentimes they’re surprised to learn that many of today’s popular cosmetic procedures have minimal or no associated downtime and restrictions.

Dr. Wade Banker of Luxe Laser points to the examples of Botox and fillers. “These procedures have zero downtime, and you can have them done on your lunch break and go back to work that same day,” he says. “One exception might be lip fillers, which can cause swelling in some patients. But even if you do experience swelling, it usually subsides within a few days.”

Laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and other light laser procedures also have no associated downtime. Some individuals who undergo these procedures may experience some sun sensitivity afterward, so the only restriction that might apply is avoiding the tanning bed as well as wearing sunscreen and being mindful of sun exposure when participating in outdoor activities such as boating.

Another procedure that’s very popular at this time of year is breast augmentation, which Dr. Banker performs with the patient awake under local anesthesia. He explains that the advanced techniques used in this procedure have significantly reduced the associated downtime. “You’ll still want to take a few days off work, for example by scheduling the augmentation to coincide with a long weekend, but you can return to day-to-day activity immediately. The only restriction is avoiding lifting heavy objects and putting excess stress on the area. After a few weeks of initial healing, you can resume more strenuous activities at your own pace, being mindful to avoid overdoing it,” he says.

A very similar recovery profile is seen with Smart Lipo, which is also performed under local anesthesia. Dr. Banker notes that the laser-assist feature of this technology helps reduce downtime and the only limitation is to avoid stressing the area and, preferably, to rest for a few days afterward. Otherwise, patients can resume normal day-to-day activity. As with breast augmentation, they can go back to exercising and putting stress on the treated area after the initial healing period.

Tummy tucks are also in this category and have the same recommendation of resting for a few days. “With tummy tucks, Smart Lipo, and breast augmentation, returning to work afterward is fine as long as no strenuous activity is involved. Any of these procedures can be accomplished and healed up on a very short timeline because today’s techniques are much more advanced than they were in the past. Also, we’re happy to provide a medical note for employers so you can take time off work if you need it,” Dr. Banker adds.

In addition, Luxe Laser offers an entire category of non-invasive procedures that have no downtime. For example, the CoolSculpting fat-removal procedure and radiofrequency skin tightening are completely non-invasive and require literally zero downtime. With both, patients can leave Luxe Laser right after the procedure and head right to the gym for a workout if they wish. “These non-invasive approaches may not achieve the same level of results seen with minimally invasive procedures, but many patients feel the benefit of zero downtime is well worth the tradeoff,” Dr. Banker states.

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