DYS celebrates 37 years of service during Diabetes Awareness Month

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Diabetes Youth Services (DYS) is celebrating all youth living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) and their families during November’s Diabetes Awareness Month. Youth living with T1D require persistent, 24/7 care and a deep understanding of how their bodies function at a young age. We celebrate their tenacity, strength, and desire to be more than just a person living with T1D.

DYS is wrapping up a t-shirt contest for youth living with T1D. Jupmode will print the winning design on t-shirts, and proceeds will benefit DYS educational services, family programs, and five camps. DYS also has created a large poster that will be displayed in ProMedica’s Mary Ellen Falzone Diabetes Center for those to sign who are living with T1D or support someone who is. In addition, DYS families are creating 30-second positive videos about their journey that will appear on the DYS Facebook page.

DYS’s 2020 Connection Gala will be virtual this year. “The theme is ‘Connection’ because more than ever, we value connecting with our families and, more importantly, connecting them to each other so they can lift each other up and cheer on their next success,” said DYS Board Chair Clare Armbruster.

The 2020 Connection Gala will be held Friday, November 13 from 7:30 to 8:30 pm. Prior to the Gala, from November 1-12, silent auction items will be available for guests to bid on. DYS Gala Co-Chair Lisa Richards said, “The night of the Gala will celebrate our honorary chair, Terry Bossert, and Volunteer of the Year Award family Kris, Kathie, and Brian Johnson. The night will spotlight our DYS families as well as raise needed funds from the live auction and fund a camper.”

Those interested in purchasing t-shirts and/or buying gala tickets should go to our website at www.dys4kids.org.

DYS is a non-profit located in Toledo, OH serving the 34 counties of Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan. We know that there are thousands of youth living with type 1 diabetes in our service area. We provide free educational services for young people living with type 1 diabetes, their families, schools, and communities. We also offer a variety of family programs, as well as camps. No one is ever turned away because of financial restrictions.

For more information, contact DYS Executive Director Linda Leinbach Mays at 419-291-1234 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..