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With all the noise and confusion in the public domain about natural health products, one of the most misunderstood is CBD, also known as hemp. For many years it has been mislabeled and confused with a genetic relative—cannabis—and has been put under the same spotlight. Even in this more liberal world, with cannabis legal in two-thirds of the country, it still bears the stigma of decades. So, let’s set the facts straight, shall we?


Cannabis, AKA marijuana, is a natural plant with many medicinal properties, but for most of our lives it has been used as a recreational drug. During the early part of the twentieth century, it was totally legal, but it was made a Schedule I drug in 1972 and every cannabinoid was included in that classification.

CBD, though genetically similar, does not alter the senses nor offer body sensations and is legal in the United States. Hemp fibers and pulp have been used for centuries for paper and textile use and historically the sails on many early ships from Europe were made with hemp. In addition, many former tobacco-growing farms are transitioning to hemp production.

Nick Popoff with mBrace Naturals shared his thoughts about CBD: “CBD is an amazing all-natural product that’s non-addictive. It’s a whole-body health that we’re trying to achieve along with helping people.”

CBD includes two components: CBD1 and CBD2. CBD1 affects the brain, which helps with pain, sleeplessness, and anxiety. CBD2 is activated in the stomach and affects overall body movement, including pain, effects of arthritis, and inflammation.

For some users, a tincture, just a few drops applied under the tongue via dropper, works best and is quickly absorbed into the blood, usually within five to ten minutes. This was one of the first forms available and continues to be one of the most popular. mBrace Naturals carries a wide selection of various sizes, potency, and flavors.

The women’s market for products using CBD is growing significantly, and many top cosmetic companies are now adding CBD to their

mixtures. Bath balms and moisturizers that include CBD components allow therapeutic benefits in addition to softening the skin. In addition, many professional athletes have gotten involved with CBD and find that it helps them with the abuse their body has taken in sports. Benefits include relief from bruises and pain along with symptoms of psoriasis and eczema.

Medical claims are avoided, but many cases have been reported of CBD helping with nausea and vomiting from cancer treatment, and one company has a product on the market that has been FDA approved for symptoms of some forms of epilepsy.

Most people find that they need to try different dosages as well as different ways to ingest CBD. By trying different doses and applications, each user can find out what works best for them.

But let’s not forget about one more member of our families: our pets. CBD has been proven effective for joint pain and movement issues with older pets and has also been used for hyperactivity for dogs and cats with those challenges. Does your pet get anxious before going to the vet? A little CBD might be an easy solution! In 2017, animal products with CBD were estimated to be worth about $13 million, which could grow ten-fold in the next few years.

The public is learning about the advantages of CBD with almost 50 percent of the population willing to try the product. Several industry analysts predict growth of retail sales to hit $20 billion by the year 2022, which is just around the corner. Along those lines, many CBD companies are women-owned or -operated and they have wholeheartedly mBraced the holistic and medicinal side of CBD.

The mBrace Naturals CBD Health and Wellness Center, located in the center court of the Franklin Park Mall, offers many combinations of CBD and plans to carry all available forms. For more information, call 419-280-3592, visit www.mbracenaturals.com,
or email us at [email protected]

Consult with your healthcare provider be-
fore using CBD products.