Laurels hosts rehab reunion to celebrate clients’ successes

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We hold reunions for a variety of reasons, such as bringing together extended family, catching up with classmates, or reconvening any other group of people who played an important role in our lives. The Laurels of Toledo, a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center located at 1011 Byrne Road in Toledo, recently hosted a rather unique type of reunion—one to celebrate the successes of rehab clients.


The rehab reunion was held on Thursday, December 5 in the Laurels’ cheerful, welcoming dining room. Guests enjoyed a delicious lunch, including some decadent desserts, along with a lot of laughter and reminiscing with staff and fellow rehab clients. “The reunion gave us an opportunity to honor our clients’ achievements as well as recognize their determination and positive attitudes,” says Julie Leidel, Rehab Services Director at The Laurels.

Among the reunion guests was Patricia Evans, who came to The Laurels for both inpatient and outpatient rehab following hip replacements in 2012 and 2014 and again more recently after a knee replacement. She has chosen to return again and again because, as she puts it, “The Laurels is wonderful—they have the best rehab in Toledo. Every time a doctor asks me where I’m going for rehab, I say ‘Send me to The Laurels.’ I won’t go anywhere else. They really take their time with you and make you feel like you’re somebody.”

Evans notes that before discovering The Laurels, she had a hard time finding a place that could help relieve her pain and she couldn’t enjoy her favorite activities such as walking in the park. Even simple movements such as crossing her legs, bending, squatting, or simply standing for any length of time became extremely difficult or impossible. “But now I’m in a much better place,” she says. “Since coming here, my pain is much more tolerable, I can walk to the store and stand for longer periods, and I’m generally getting on with my life. The rehab staff really encourages you to do what’s necessary to reach your goals.”

Like Evans, reunion guest Doris Lake has been to The Laurels for both inpatient and outpatient rehab on more than one occasion. Her visits followed consecutive knee-replacement surgeries, the first in January and the second in October of 2019.

Lake explains that prior to surgery and rehab, knee pain was a constant problem and kept her up at night. Also, she experienced severe pain in her calves just going to the elevator in her apartment building, which was only a few doors away. But since her stint in rehab at The Laurels, all that has changed. “My calves don’t hurt anymore, I don’t have pain in my left knee, and my right knee is healing up nicely,” she says. “I’m also walking and getting around better. In fact, when I went to my girlfriend’s for Thanksgiving, I was able to use my cane instead of my walker. Plus, my outlook is much better without all-day and all-night pain. I’d recommend The Laurels to anyone. Their therapy team is truly outstanding.”

Another reunion guest, Ann Coker, spent just under two weeks working with The Laurels rehab team after undergoing surgery. She echoes many of the same sentiments expressed by Evans and Lake. “They did a beautiful job rehabbing me, and I had a wonderful experience overall. All the different departments here work together in an integrated fashion and provide exceptional service,” she says.

Coker, who has spent the last 23 years working or volunteering for Toledo Public Schools as a paraprofessional in special education, chose The Laurels for rehab because one of her sisters-in-law was a nurse there and another sister-in-law was a patient there and had an excellent experience.

Fully recovered now, she states, “I am truly blessed and grateful to be where I am today, and The Laurels really helped me get there.”

The Laurels of Toledo accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and all private commercial insurances. A physician’s order is required to obtain outpatient services. For more information, call 419-536-7600 or visit ❦