UTMC offers round-the-clock access to comprehensive orthopaedic care

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Our Community

The University of Toledo Medical Center’s Orthopaedic Center is setting itself apart with next-level service in nearly every phase of its interactions with patients.

At many orthopaedic facilities, it can take weeks or months to get an appointment, leaving patients to deal with painful conditions that negatively affect their day-to-day lives. But at the UTMC Orthopaedic Center, patients can get same-day appointments at an all-inclusive facility.

And according to Dr. Nabil Ebraheim, the chair of UTMC’s orthopaedic department, it truly is all-inclusive, helping patients treat their underlying conditions and get back to their lives as quickly as possible.

“We treat every orthopaedic condition from neck to toe,” he said. “We treat the young, old, healthy, sick, rich, poor and everyone in between.”

The Center’s all-inclusive nature extends beyond the patients and conditions it treats, too. At the Orthopaedic Center, patients have 24/7 access to truly comprehensive care. Because the Center has so many different resources and specialists on-site, patients don’t have to travel to multiple locations to receive lab work and imaging, pick up prescriptions, or connect with therapy services. And because patients can connect with the Orthopaedic Center 24/7, they can easily schedule appointments for whatever time is most convenient for them.

As a bonus, the Orthopaedic Center also offers a unique concierge service, giving personalized attention to everyone who comes to the Orthopaedic Center. That attention ranges from something as simple as someone to guide patients to their appointments to valet service and refreshments for patients while they wait for their conversation with a doctor. And for out-of-town patients, the concierge can give recommendations on hotel accommodations or restaurants, making the visit to the Orthopaedic Center as smooth as possible.

But beyond the personalized attention and next-level access to care, the true differentiator at the Orthopaedic Center is its team-centered approach to patient service. From a patient’s initial visit to the final consultation during recovery, they have access to the full team of specialists at the Orthopaedic Center.

“Our team is what makes our center great,” said Dr. Ebraheim. “The positive attitude of the employees, the reassuring tone of their voices, and the quickness of their response is what makes the Orthopaedic Center great. A great team knows exactly what they want and are determined to achieve it. Our team is an inspiration to all who come in contact with us.”

To connect with one of UTMC’s orthopaedic specialists or ask a question about the Orthopaedic Center’s services, call 419-383-BONE (3761).