Winter running tips

Written by Amanda Manthey. Posted in Taking Care of Your Life

As the winter months approach, running outdoors in cold conditions is not as appealing as the warmer months to many of us. Using these helpful winter running tips will make your workout safer and, hopefully, maintain your desire and commitment.


Cold and icy conditions are the ideal scenario for slipping and injuring a muscle or even breaking a bone. It’s advisable to warm up indoors before you hit the pavement and to be especially vigilant if the conditions are icy or wet. When running in cold weather, warm up slowly and gently. Your muscles are cold and need a chance to warm up to prevent injury. Most wise runners use the winter season for maintenance runs. You are increasing your risk of injury if you try to do speed work in the severe cold.

Try not to run on icy roads and opt for snow as this surface will provide you with better traction. If you must run in an icy area, think about putting spikes over your running shoes, but make sure you have proper instruction before hitting the pavement.

Choose the proper clothing to keep you warm and comfortable while still maintaining your performance. Synthetic and breathable fabrics will wick perspiration away from the body to the outer surface of the garment where it can evaporate more easily. You want to dress in layers with the layer closest to your body being a light-weight wicking fiber. Also, wear a warm hat when running in cold conditions. Approximately 40 percent of body heat is lost from the head, which affects the whole body’s circulation.

Cold weather running can be dehydrating. Make sure you do not reduce the amount of fluids you drink just because you are not sweating as much as in the warmer weather. Cold weather can mean more urination, which, by itself, is a source of fluid loss. It is imperative that you remember to maintain adequate hydration before and after running in cold weather to ensure your muscles recover. Remember to use moisturizers and sun block to prevent blister formation and redness on your skin and face.

Running in the winter months can be enjoyable if you dress appropriately and use your best judgment on the running conditions. Remember, the winter time is perfect for maintenance runs. Be winter smart this season and, hopefully, you will stay warm and safe.

Amanda Manthey is a former collegiate runner at Eastern Michigan University. She writes about running and fitness for Dave’s Performance Footgear. ❦

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