Running tips for beginners and Dave's Races

Written by Amanda Manthey. Posted in Taking Care of Your Life

Are you interested in running but afraid of the first steps? Here are a few tips to get you off on the right foot and on your way to enjoying the sport of running. Most important, consult your physician before starting any exercise program.

As a runner, the most important piece of equipment is your pair of running shoes. Before starting your running program, visit a shop such as Dave’s Performance Footgear, which specializes in running shoes, for an assessment of your needs and a personalized fit.

One of the most common complaints of new runners is, “I can’t breathe.” Focus your energy on exhaling rather than inhaling. As your need for air increases, think about forcing the air out of your lungs rather than sucking it in. This will make you less tired than when you are huffing and puffing and will also help prevent hyperventilation.

In the beginning, take frequent short runs after resting sufficiently. Your runs should last long enough for your body to get a workout but still be able to recover in time for your next run. If you over exercise and your muscles do not recover to their original condition, you will not gain any benefit. Strength is gained during rest when your muscles repair the fibers that are broken down during exercise. But remember, every runner is different when it comes to the amount and frequency of exercise that is appropriate. Listen to your body.

As a novice runner, take quick steps rather than long ones. You will not tire as fast if you take short, fast steps rather than long, slow ones, especially when you are tackling hills. When running downhill, lean your body forward in order to try to keep your body perpendicular to the hill.

Novice runners need motivation and a schedule. Join a beginner running group or seek out a running partner. Some runners find that taking music along on their workouts helps make running fun. When using headphones, though, play the music at a reasonable level so you can hear traffic noise and remain alert to potential hazards. Speaking of hazards, if you are running alone, carry identification and always run against traffic, preferably on sidewalks or running paths.

One of the best ways to improve and get more enjoyment out of running is to enter road races. The experience of finishing a running race is exhilarating. Start with the goal of a 5K (3.1 mile) road race, “fun run,” or a relay race with your running friends. Races can provide a foundation for enjoying a long life of running.

Happy running!

Amanda Manthey is a former collegiate runner for Eastern Michigan University. She writes about running and fitness for Dave’s Performance Footgear. ❦

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Runners, get ready to “take your mark” in these exciting community events sponsored by Dave’s Running Shop. For more information, including any applicable fees, please visit

Snowball Dine-n-Dash
Saturday, February 1, 2020, 9:00 a.m. at 9000 W. Sylvania, Ave., Sylvania, Ohio. This is an unscored training run for the upcoming spring marathons. Choose between several training run distances. This is a non-timed event, but there will be a clock at the finish line. Breakfast will be served after the race to all participants sponsored by Dave’s Running.

Race Director Summit
Thursday, February 6, 2020, 5:30 p.m. at 6904 Salisbury Rd., Maumee, Ohio. Being a Race Director can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. You could be implementing the same system of proven processes and methods as Run Toledo’s Certified Race Directors and Timers. The Team at Run Toledo is presenting the Northwest Ohio Race Director Summit, and if you’re a Race Director, this summit is for you.

Learn from industry experts. We will provide you with our Race Director Manual, including sample budgets, safety plans, and more to help you produce a safe and successful, growing event. Appetizers and beverages will be served throughout the night as well.

We have brought together many of our key partners to show how they help make events better. Our team of race directors has over two decades of experience managing large and small events. With certifications from the Road Runners Club of America and USA Triathlon, they practice the latest processes and safety procedures that help us grow our events.

Hot Cocoa 5K Run/1-Mile Walk
Saturday, February 15, 2020, 9:00 a.m. at Olander Park, 6930 W. Sylvania Ave. in Sylvania, Ohio. A great family event that will help chase away the winter blues! Our Hot Cocoa 5K Run/1-Mile walk is being held in partnership with Olander Park. The run/walk registration starts at 7:30 a.m., and the run/walk starts at 9:00 a.m.

The 1-Mile Walk will be around Olander Park/Lake. The first 50 walkers will receive a finishers ribbon.

The 5K Run will start at the community building/Nederhouser Building, run north on the trail, exit out north to the neighborhood, and then circle back to and finish in Olander Park. The first 275 5K Run finishers will receive a finishers medal.

Proceeds will go to youth programs for promoting positive, healthy lifestyle choices and the prevention of drug and alcohol use and other at-risk behaviors in our community. SCAT provides programs that offer guidance and education and sponsors positive events that develop leadership and team-building skills.

Hot Cocoa with marshmallows and whipping cream, as well as other easy-to-pick-up snacks, will be available after the race/walk in the Nederhouser Community Hall. Come in and sit near the fireplace and enjoy your hot cocoa and snacks.

The first-place winners in all categories will be announced and receive an award shortly after the results are in that morning. ❦