Together we move in the 419

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Our buddies aren’t next to us, but we don’t have to run alone.

We know how difficult it must be to not have your friends joining in recommended outdoor activities by your side, but that's no reason to stop going outside to run on the trails, walk the dog at the park, ride a bike around the block, or visit with your neighbors from across the fence.

For those who would like to know what all the hoopla around the area’s recommended spring training program is, Dave’s Running Shop has made the remainder of it public on the free Strava app. You can install the free app to your mobile device and join the Dave's Club there to watch the fun activities abound and interact safely with other people just like you. They’re regularly adding new challenges, sharing training tips, and providing support to everyone there. Try on Strava for feel.

Look for the latest challenges in your app notifications and have fun completing them in an interactive environment online. Many challenges also include free giveaways that anyone could win, regardless of how fast you run or walk—another way to help keep yourself moving and motivated.

Look forward to what’s next
Keep motivated and moving toward something.

Even though all of the spring races and events have been cancelled or postponed, Northwest Ohio will get through this crisis and be running/walking the 419 region together again soon. When the government restrictions are lifted, what will there be to look forward to? A lot! The running community here is vibrant and active, so it won’t be difficult to find others to engage with if you look in the right places.

Make a new race your goal race and keep training. A current season calendar is available at Whether you want to walk your first 5K or set a personal record (PR) at a half marathon, there will be several of these opportunities once we can all congregate as a group again. Join the Dave’s Facebook Group and join the Dave’s Strava Club. Mark summer events on your calendar, and be ready to hit the ground running soon by keeping moving now.

Utilize the internet to help stay active
Local retailers are in this battle with you.

In these difficult times, you should know that local businesses are still here for you. You can keep your feet healthy by shopping online at and have your order shipped to you with no delivery fee. This feature is always available to Dave's Running Shop customers. If you know anyone needing running shoes during this time, please remind them that supporting locally owned small businesses is how we'll all come out of this together.

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Keep moving forward.