Summer Camps broaden kids’ horizons

Written by Healthy Living News. Posted in Taking Care of Your Life

“There’s nothing to do! I’m so bored!”

These are the words that all parents dread but fully expect to hear from their kids about one week after school ends. It seems all the activities kids dream about during the school year—when they’re supposed to be studying, doing homework, or absorbing lectures—somehow become less attractive when they can actually do them whenever they please. Naturally, once summer break begins to lose its allure, kids usually gravitate toward sedentary activities that can be carried out from the comfortable vantage point of the couch and typically involve the use of electronic devices.

The good news for parents is that there are plenty of ways to keep kids off the couch, out of the house, and productively occupied while having fun this summer. Schools and organizations all around the community offer a wide variety of summer camps that help kids develop in sports, academics, and personal interests. Who knows, they might even make a few good friends along the way! Check out the ads in this section for some excellent summer camp options for your kids.

However, please note that due to the dynamic nature of the COVID-19 outbreak and evolving guidelines for preventing the spread of the virus, camp listings are subject to change.