Spiritually Speaking - We are the time

Written by Sister Mary Thill. Posted in Taking Care of Your Life

Wow! How did this happen that we are all in this pandemic together? That our world, our country, our lives as we have known and lived them got to this place? When will it end? When will we back to normal?

Dear God, help us to be awake and aware to what is going on here and to adjust and make the changes necessary to continue to do good and to help one another wherever and whenever we can.

From time to time, I have wondered how we would do in a global crisis like our parents and grandparents experienced in times of world wars and the Great Depression. I’ve read and heard stories about how much they had to give up and step up to combat the enemy in wartime and in times of great poverty and financial crisis. The overwhelming takeaway I always get from these stories is the resiliency and creativity, compassion and cooperation that seems to just ooze out of folks as they are faced with life-and-death struggles on all levels. Food scarcity led to Victory Gardens, food stamps led to sharing with those who needed them most, women in large numbers began to do men’s jobs, people flocked to the churches for solace and consolation, neighbor helped neighbor, families stuck together even though things may have become difficult under one roof.

Dear God, help us to renew the example of our ancestors and bring out the best of who we are and who we can become again.

This being May, the month when we honor our mothers in a special way, I hope that we all take time to honor the mothers, the sisters, the women in our lives with acts of gratitude and appreciation as they continue being the wonderful examples of unconditional lovers, heroic caregivers, creative problem solvers who, with much support from husbands, fathers, brothers, and other co-workers, are doing so much to heal not just their own families and friends but the whole world in these challenging times.

Dear God, protect the mothers in this world. Continue to give them love and compassion for all people so we can learn from them just how we need to change ourselves and our world to make it a place of beauty, equality, love, and peace.

I hope and pray that each of us can realize that “We are the times: Such as we are, such are the times,” as St. Augustine said centuries ago, and that we will come out of this pandemic with a resolve that working together for a better world is something we are all called to do to make planet Earth truly our mother. I hope we will be blessed with a deeper awareness of how interdependent we are and just how much we need one another as we work toward living as sisters and brothers who are all in this together.

Dear God, continue to give us the sense and courage to use prayer and quiet service among the answers to these difficult times. Amen.

Sister Mary Thill is a Sylvania Franciscan Sister. She is Patient Liaison for Mature Health Connections at Mercy Health – St. Vincent Medical Center. She can be reached at 419-251-3600.