Taking Care of Your Life

Spiritually Speaking – Healing our home

Written by Sister Mary Thill. Posted in Taking Care of Your Life

Can you believe it has been 50 years this April 22, 2020 that we have been celebrating Earth Day? That means I have been alive for all of its 50 years, and yet I can only remember that I’ve really been conscious of its existence for maybe 25 of those 50 years. Where was I or where was my awareness during the first 25 years? It really wasn’t until my religious community made environmental issues a priority during one of our Chapters (community meetings) that we, with the help of some of our own members, began to study about the environment and what was happening with the amount of pollution taking place that was literally choking the environment and “killing” the earth, which of course includes us.

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A Walk in the Park - Stop me if you've heard this one

Written by LeMoyne Mercer. Posted in Taking Care of Your Life

People of a certain age are often accused of repeating the same old story until it becomes exquisitely tedious. So, Shirley and I have agreed with friends to use a hand signal: place your thumb and first two fingers together and tap them over your heart. It means, OK, we have heard that one enough already. Shirley is always too polite and patient to avail herself of the signal, but I’m not above flailing away like crazy trying to hit the pause button. Or ignoring the frantic signals of others if the storyteller is me.

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