Silent Witness exhibit to appear at Franciscan Center October 2

Since 2001, the Northwest Ohio Silent Witness Project has been committed to honoring the memories of girls and women from our community who were victims of domestic violence and murdered by current or former spouses, dating partners, or stalkers. During this time, the BGSU Women’s Center housed and maintained the Silent Witness Project.

Do you know the dangers of distracted driving?

Safe driving is a skill that demands our complete concentration. Allowing one’s attention to drift from the road, even for a brief moment, can have tragic consequences. Unfortunately, all too many of us continue to tempt fate by driving while distracted.

Eat well to age better

No one likes the idea of getting older, but like death and taxes, aging is a certainty for us all. 
What’s more, our overall population is getting older. By the year 2030, older adults will account for around 20 percent of the population—double what it is now. Two factors are contributing to this phenomenon: longer life spans (more and more Americans are living longer) and the aging of the baby boomers.

Do you know who your beneficiaries are?

When was the last time you checked your beneficiary designations for your individual retirement account (IRA), employer retirement plan, annuity, or life insurance policy? If you haven’t examined it since the account was set up, you are not alone.

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