The role of physical therapy in managing diabetes

Ihave been writing the last few months about specific diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer and the role physical therapy plays in addressing the individual’s ability to perform functional daily living tasks. This month I’ll continue to focus on the role of physical therapy in the management of chronic disease, specifically diabetes.

ProMedica hernia program harnesses power and precision of robotics

Hernia—a tissue or organ bulging through the wall of a body cavity—is not only a very common medical complaint, but also among the most common reasons people undergo surgery. According to ProMedica surgeon Tahir Jamil, MD, there are many different forms of hernia but the three types seen most frequently among the general public include those that stem from a previous surgery (e.g. surgery to treat colon cancer involving an incision in the belly), those that develop near the belly button, and those occurring in the groin.

The ABCDs of Medicare: What covers what?

Trying to figure out the different parts of Medicare can be a confusing process. That’s because each part (A, B, C and D) provides a different set of benefits. When you’re ready to enroll, it’s important to understand those differences so you can make the best decisions. Here’s a brief explanation to get you started:

Toledo Zoo now home to orphaned cougar cubs

Three cougar cubs, also known as pumas or mountain lions, came to reside at the Toledo Zoo after the state of Washington’s Department of Fish and Wildlife reached out to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums to find the cats new homes following the loss of their mothers. The oldest cub is estimated to be 10-12 weeks old, weighs about 10 pounds, and is from southeast Washington. The younger two cubs are approximately three weeks old, weigh about three and a half pounds each, and are from northeast Washington. The younger cubs were part of a litter of four, with the other two cubs now residing at a zoo in New Jersey. Cougars (Puma concolor) are found throughout North and South America, and while they are not endangered, some populations are severely threatened.

Fried turkey safety tips

The trend of deep frying the Thanksgiving turkey continues to grow all across our nation, and with good reason. Deep frying the ol’ gobbler seals in flavor and juices so it turns out delightfully tender, succulent, and delicious. What’s more, deep frying cooks the bird in a fraction of the time it takes for conventional oven roasting—only about three to four minutes per pound.