It’s all here for seniors at St. Clare Commons

“When we say that ‘It’s All Here’ we mean it in so many ways,” stated Michael Freeman, Executive Director of St. Clare Commons. “We have the care levels, spiritual ministry, and plenty of activities for seniors to stay connected, healthy, and happy.”

Will you help SewHope?

In 1998, as I sat in the pew of St. Paul’s Lutheran Church listening to our pastor ask for volunteers to go to Guatemala, I had no idea of how the whole course of my life would be changed. “Going” seemed like the right thing to do—after all, I had the proverbial “blessed” life that came with being a doctor. In ignorance, I thought that surely the poor and the sick would greatly benefit from my medical training alone!

How’s your New Year’s resolution holding up?

The New Year was a month ago, and the question to ask is, did you make a New Year’s resolution? Is it your plan for the year ahead? Have you already taken a detour or fallen? If so, why? Did you start at the end instead of the beginning and realize that you weren’t able to make it? The plan to achieve a resolution needs to start with the simple focus: “I need to make a change.” But to change and achieve the positive end result takes time.

February is American Heart Month

We’re surrounded by hearts this month. Along with the red construction paper, floating helium balloons, and chocolate versions, there are the human ones: the beating hearts of more than 300 million Americans.

Blending for success

As a player of multiple sports and now a coaching veteran of over 20 years, it is truly scary what I have seen evolve when it comes to overall player development. In my opinion development occurs on two levels: structured (closed) environments and unstructured (open) environments. Now, I have heard many experts discuss which of those environments is most important. I have heard how structured environments can include open learning. Personally, I believe that both must be present for an athlete to learn and develop to his or her greatest potential.The piece of the puzzle that really seems to be missing here is the piece in which this is done without paying.

A tantalizing taste of Thai cuisine

Thai cooking is both extraordinarily complex and remarkably simple. The complexity comes from the wide range of flavor ingredients. At the same time, the complexities are based on an understanding of how the primary categories of flavors interact with one another. In Western cuisine, we think of four basic tastes—sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. In the Thai tradition, there are five flavors—sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and pungent (or hot).