Hey, you in the stands!

With the spring sports seasons in full swing and the summer seasons not far behind, I’d like to revisit an issue that I believe we as parents, coaches, and fans really need to remember. The issue is the statistic found in many publications that states 70% of youth quit sports by the age of 13. To follow that up, I have read, once again in many studies and publications, that the number one reason this occurs is because the experience is not fun for them.

Eating Well | Weight loss myths

As warmer weather approaches, many of us are thinking about shorts and flip flops. Many of us are also feeling more than a little anxious about fitting into those shorts because of the extra pounds we may have packed on over the winter months. So we start scrambling to find a quick and easy fix to this dilemma, which makes us vulnerable to the myriad weight-loss fads and myths circulating out there—varying from a shot of apple cider vinegar every day to the Whole30 Diet.

Summer travel with allergies and asthma

With another summer travel season upon us, many people across the country are getting ready to depart on long-anticipated, well-earned vacations—some to far-flung destinations, others closer to home. If you or someone in your family suffers with allergies and asthma, keep in mind that you may need to do some additional planning and preparation before departure.

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